Roderigo – A covetous suer of Desdemona. Young. rich. and foolish. Roderigo is convinced that if he gives Iago all of his money. Iago will assist him win Desdemona’s manus. Repeatedly frustrated as Othello marries Desdemona and so takes her to Cyprus. Roderigo is finally despairing plenty to hold to assist Iago kill Cassio after Iago points out that Cassio is another possible challenger for Desdemona.

Roderigo is a rich. stupid cat who thinks that if he sends Desdemona plenty expensive nowadayss. she’ll autumn in love with him. He’s hired Iago to be his wingman. but Iago fundamentally uses him as a walking ATM. Iago takes the jewellery Roderigo thinks he’s giving to Desdemona and sells it for a net income. All Roderigo does in response is to fall for Iago’s smooth speaking once more and once more. In the terminal. Roderigo dies – stabbed in the dorsum. suitably adequate. by his wingman. Iago.

Roderigo. a chump

As the drama opens. Roderigo is sulking. and exclaims. “Tush! ne’er state me ; I take it much unkindly / That 1000. Iago. who hast had my purse / As if the strings were thine. shouldst know of this” ( 1. 1. 1-3 ) . The “this” is the elopement of Othello and Desdemona. Roderigo is in love with Desdemona and has been giving Iago money to move as his go-between. ( From what we know of Iago’s character. it seems improbable that Iago did anything for Roderigo except take his money and do promises. ) Of class Roderigo is mightily defeated to hear that Desdemona has married person else. and he thinks that Iago should hold said or done something about it. Iago persuades him that the elopement was a surprise. and so speak him into making jobs for Othello by shouting out the intelligence of the elopement at the window of Brabantio. Desdemona’s male parent. When Brabantio appears. we learn why Roderigo needed the services of a 3rd party ; Brabantio angrily tells him. “I have charged thee non to stalk about my doors: / In honorable plainness 1000 hast heard me say / My girl is non for thee” ( 1. 1. 96-98 ) . [ Scene Summary ]

Roderigo is with Brabantio when Brabantio finds Othello at the hostel where Othello and Desdemona are remaining. Roderigo’s merely words in the scene. are “Signior. it is the Moor” ( 1. 2. 57 ) . A minute subsequently. in order to arouse a bash. Iago pretends he’s about to assail Roderigo. stating. “You. Roderigo! semen. sir. I am for you” ( 1. 2. 58 ) . [ Scene Summary ]

Roderigo accompanies Brabantio to the Senate and is present as Othello and Desdemona refute Brabantio’s charges. He says nil until he is entirely with Iago and so asks. “What will I make. thinkest 1000? ” ( 1. 3. 303 ) . When he’s gotten Iago’s attending. Roderigo declares that he will submerge himself out of desperation that Desdemona loves person else. Iago easy talks him out of that program. and talks him into the belief that he can acquire Desdemona into bed if merely he will mask himself and come to Cyprus with plentifulness of money in his bag. [ Scene Summary ]

Roderigo. in camouflage. travels to Cyprus on the same ship with Desdemona and Iago. Lurking on the peripheries of the crowd. he witnesses the joyous reunion of Othello and Desdemona. When everyone else has left the scene. Iago calls to Roderigo. stating “Come hither. If thou be’st valiant. – as. they say. base work forces being in love have so a aristocracy in their natures more than is native to them–list me” ( 2. 1. 214-216 ) . Roderigo does listen to Iago. who tells him that Desdemona is in love with Cassio. so Roderigo demands to be valorous and do something that will anger Cassio and do him lose his occupation. At first Roderigo is incredulous at the thought that Desdemona could be in love with Cassio. but Iago keeps on speaking. and Roderigo agrees to his program. [ Scene Summary ]

Having persuaded Cassio to run into some gentlemen who want to hold a few drinks. Iago reviews his programs. He’s certain that when Cassio is intoxicated he’ll acquire quarrelsome. Furthermore. “my ill sap Roderigo. / Whom love hath turn’d about the incorrect side out. / To Desdemona hath to-night caroused / Potations pottle-deep” ( 2. 3. 51-54 ) . so he’s rummy. excessively. Roderigo will arouse Cassio into making something roseola. and Cassio will lose his occupation. In the balance of the scene Iago’s program plays out much to his satisfaction. but afterwards Roderigo complains that “My money is about exhausted ; I have been to-night extremely good cudgelled ; and I think the issue [ result ] will be. I shall hold so much experience for my strivings. and. . . no money at all and a little more wit” ( 2. 3. 364-368 ) . Nevertheless. Iago persuades him that everything will work out if he merely has forbearance. [ Scene Summary ]

Some clip after Iago has used him as a tool to acquire Cassio dismissed. Roderigo appears and tells Iago that “I do non happen that thou dealest rightly with me” ( 4. 2. 173 ) . He complains. “Every twenty-four hours thou daffest me [ put me off ] with some device [ alibi ] . Iago” ( 4. 2. 175 ) . Roderigo is unhappy that Iago has non given him a opportunity to pass any clip with Desdemona. has non even given him any realistic hope that he’ll of all time see her. and he declares that he won’t set up with it any longer. Roderigo besides makes a menace that could do all of Iago’s strategies blow up in his face. Roderigo says that he will travel to Desdemona personally and assure to discontinue trouble oneselfing her if she will return his gems. If she won’t. Roderigo threatens Iago. “assure yourself I will seek satisfaction of you” ( 4. 2. 200 ) .

If this were to go on. Desdemona ( who of class has ne’er received any gems ) would larn that honest Iago is non to be trusted. However. Roderigo’s menace doesn’t faze Iago. Equally shortly as Iago tosses him a bantam crumb of regard. Roderigo is ready to get down every prevarication that Iago feeds him. and Iago persuades him that he will acquire to kip with Desdemona the really following dark if he murders Cassio. Roderigo is amazed by this. but excessively much the sap to defy Iago. All that Roderigo can believe of to state is “I will hear further ground for this” ( 4. 2. 244 ) . merely as though he had plenty encephalon to believe clearly about anything. [ Scene Summary ]

Roderigo. as he waits in the dark to kill Cassio. negotiations to himself: “I have no great devotedness to the title ; / And yet he [ Iago ] hath given me fulfilling grounds: / ‘Tis but a adult male gone. Forth. my blade: he dies” ( 5. 1. 8-10 ) . Meanwhile. Iago disdainfully remarks: “I have rubb’d this immature quat about to the sense. / And he grows angry” ( 5. 1. 11-12 ) . A “quat” is a hickey or pustule. and to rub it “to the sense. ” is to rub it natural. It would look that Roderigo the hickey is barely the adult male to swear with the occupation of killing a soldier. but when Cassio appears Roderigo gives it a attempt. although non a really good 1. He cuts merely Cassio’s coat. whereupon Cassio draws his blade and lesions Roderigo so severely that he cries out. “O. I am slain! ” ( 5. 1. 26 ) and curses himself. stating “O. scoundrel that I am! ” ( 5. 1. 29 ) . After Cassio wounds Roderigo. Iago wounds Cassio from buttocks. so runs off.

At that minute. Othello appears and hears Cassio and Roderigo shouting out. He thinks that Cassio is dead and goes to kill Desdemona. Then Lodovico and Gratiano hear the noise. but are afraid that person might be seeking to entice them into the dark by feigning to necessitate aid. Then Iago reappears and goes foremost to Cassio. who tells him that he has been set upon by scoundrels. and that he thinks that “one of them is hereabout. / And can non do away” ( 5. 1. 56-57 ) . Cassio is mentioning to Roderigo. whom he has badly wounded. Iago calls out to Lodovico and Gratiano. “What are you at that place? come in. and give some help” ( 5. 1. 59 ) . By this we know that Lodovico and Gratiano are still at some distance from Cassio. and farther from Roderigo. who makes the error of naming out for aid. Iago replies Roderigo’s entreaty by hotfooting over to him. shouting “O homicidal slave! O scoundrel! ” ( 5. 1. 61 ) . and killing him. Roderigo ends his life stating. “O damn’d Iago! O cold Canis familiaris! ” ( 5. 1. 62 ) .

After Othello clutters Desdemona. Emilia comes with intelligence of slayings. She says. “Cassio. my Godhead. hath kill’d a immature Venetian / Call’d Roderigo” ( 5. 2. 112-113 ) . Othello replies. “Roderigo kill’d? ” / And Cassio kill’d? ” ( 5. 2. 113-114 ) . but he’s disappointed when Emilia tells him that Cassio is non killed. merely Roderigo. “Here is a missive / Found in the pocket of the slain Roderigo” ( 5. 2. 308-309 ) . says Lodovico. later in the same scene. A 2nd missive was besides found on Roderigo. Both were addressed to Iago. and together they reveal the full extent of Iago’s secret plan. In add-on. Cassio says of Roderigo. “even but now he spake. / After long looking dead. Iago hurt him. / Iago set him on” ( 5. 2. 327-329 ) . Apparently this does non intend that Roderigo lived. merely that he revived long adequate to state a few words. but no 1 seems to care about Roderigo’s life. one manner or another. [ Scene Summary ] Character of Roderigo

The character of Roderigo is a minor one within the drama but. for such a minor character. it provides the footing for several different readings.

First readings of the drama give the overpowering feeling that the character of Roderigo is a hapless. easy manipulated helper of Iago
complicit in Iago’s flagitious offenses through his ain stupidity. Roderigo is utterly hopeless as he undertakes any undertaking Iago suggests to him with small persuasion required and seems to hold no will of his ain. Readers of the text possibly inquire. as they contemplate how useless Roderigo is. how he can perchance conceive of that assailing a bibulous Cassio will convey him and Desdemona closer together.

However. this reading does an unfairness to the manipulative powers of Iago who orchestrates about all the characters within the drama with his persuasions including many characters of a higher standing in Venice than Roderigo who are manipulated into executing actions even more foreign to their natures. For illustration what is arguably the cardinal facet of the drama. Othello slaying his immature married woman Desdemona. Roderigo is merely another of Iago’s many victims.

Roderigo is the lone character in the drama who challenges the truthfulness of Iago and the lone 1 that stands up to the character of Iago. Indeed the drama begins with Roderigo disputing Iago over his truthfulness. “Thou told’st me. Thou did’st hold him in thy hate” . Until the disclosures of Emilia in the concluding scene Roderigo is the merely 1 to doubt Iago although Iago rapidly manages to dispell these uncertainties. The capacity of Roderigo to sabotage Iago through his disputing him is shown when he threatens to execute an action that could easy unknot Iago’s full strategy. “I will do my ego knowne to Desdemona. If she will return me my gems. I will give over my suit. and repent my improper solicitation” . The concluding ruin of Iago. when the extent of his offenses are revealed. is due to the find of. “a missive found in the pocket of the slaine Roderigo” .

I believe the two above pieces of grounds are obliging plenty to gnaw the thought that Roderigo is a mere tool of Iago’s will.

So what so is the motivation of Roderigo? His character can be taken to stand for pure love. Even Desdemona. by and large regarded as wholly guiltless within the drama. uses her love and intimacy to Othello to try to hold Cassio re-instated as his lieutenant. Roderigo’s whole motivation in the drama is excessively have Desdemona reciprocate the love and fondness he feels for her and to this ends that he takes the extraordinary measure of vowing to. “sell all my land” . so he can go on to prosecute Desdemona. nil is more of import to him than his love for her. It is this love that causes his to unquestioningly execute any undertaking that he is told will convey them closer together.

If Roderigo is taken to be a symbol of pure love so the drama conveys a blue position of that love as Roderigo is finally murdered by Iago without of all time being loved by Desdemona.

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