Many beginnings says that people are the most of import human being in the land. and it seems yesterday that people was non a job. but how come now it is? That’s why now overpopulation exists. Overpopulation is now consider as one of the biggest job of our society because harmonizing to some studies that has been conducted it besides one of the ground that lead our society to poorness. But. let’s define foremost the overpopulation. Harmonizing to the Wikipedia overpopulation is a by and large unwanted status where an organism’s Numberss exceed the transporting capacity of its home ground. The term frequently refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment. the Earth. or smaller geographical countries such as states. Now the Philippines are one of the overpopulated states in the universe. Harmonizing to the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) who conducted the study last April 2012. Philippines was in the rank 12 and that merely shows that we are holding a job about the growing population of our state.

Harmonizing to Heinz Nicolas who is an internet blogger many of the people here in the Philippines. particularly adolescents. are engaged in harlotry and prenuptial sex. which are two of the common causes of overpopulation. One besides of the causes that we can see is the deficiency of cognition and instruction about household planning. and largely the large per centum that contributes to the overpopulation of the state was came from the hapless people. The other factor besides that contributes to the causes of the growing of overpopulation is because those people from other states kept coming from different portion of the Philippines to settle in the metropolis. Some besides came from the immigrants who chose to populate here in the Philippines and that besides added the per centum of the population here in our state.

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