Stratus Building Solutions is a cleaning enterprise that can execute both large and small cleaning jobs. It deals a range of green cleaning alternatives, and it has offices situated in the United States. This commercial cleaning service also delivers customer service to its clients.

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Franchising since 2006, Stratus Building Solutions has unit franchises and area wise master offices countrywide

This office cleaning company will complete general cleaning tasks around your facility, such as dusting, trash removal, restroom cleanliness, and vacuuming. It also focuses on floor care such as scenting, spot removal, and removal, cleaning, and carpet safeguard.  Straus Building Solutions deals include power washing, metal and stone polishing, painting and light production.


HEPA Filtration Backpack Vacuum

Stratus brand HEPA Filtration Backpack Vacuum is a top ranking piece of apparatus that costs $450 at retail.  Through the Stratus package, unit franchisees are able to have the vacuum at a reduced price while still upholding top quality.

Both interior and exterior maintenance

Moreover, this cleaning company deals lawn care and outdoor preservation around your facility. These services include clipping, edging, trimming, protecting, and taking care of flowerbeds. This is certainly a benefit as you won’t have to work with more than one company for both interior and exterior repairs.

You can reach out anytime

The company offers both email and telephone alternatives if you need to reach a representative. You can also access endorsements and testimonials on its website, and it provides a full approval guarantee.


Large Tasks

The company doesn’t offer office localities around the United States or expertise cleaning buildings such as sports ground and large entertainment venues

Annoying the customers

Stratus calls all the time customers asking who is in control of their cleaning services. Countless times over the past few years consumers have requested they be removed from their calling list, and they say they will, but they carry on to call over and over again. 

Taking the account from you

You bought a franchise with your hard earned money from stratus and now they plan on taking the one and only account off of you. That leaves you with zero income. The way the contract is carved is that they are able to take off of you any accounts they say. They tell you they have grievances about the cleaning you have been doing. They tell you ‘We warned you now the account is taken from you. We need to defend our interest too.’

What other reviewers have said

Stratus Building Solutions is ranked #20 in the Franchise 500!

At UnhappyFranchisee.com, we’ve received a number of Stratus Building Solutions franchise complaints. In fact, when Unhappy Franchisee asked for commercial cleaning franchise complaints, half of the adverse comments were against Stratus Building Solutions franchise prospect.

In advance top recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine in 2016 and 2017 for Top 20 Fastest Growing Franchise,

Recognition in the 2017 Top 100 Global Franchises, and rank status in the Franchise Times Fast 55 in the midst of others


I really like the financing option offered by stratus, they offer in-house financing to cover the following: franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, payroll

It’s also worth noting that Stratus has zero court cases (compared to their rivals) and stratus offers limitless discussion on what the FDD states so that prospective franchisees understand exactly what is coming in and going out.

The second which is most worthy about stratus is that every product, system, and the process has been carefully assessed to see how it will impact the outcome of the unit franchisee’s stock.  For example, they are the only corporation in the industry to have own specific line of Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals.


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