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In the above scenario, the
malicious vehicle M launches packet drop attack by joining the
network and attracts an active vehicle to broadcast the packet
through itself. This is achieve by sending fake route request
claiming to be an active route with minimal hop count, the packet is
then broadcasted through the malicious vehicle route, when the packet
reaches the malicious vehicle, then it discard and drops the packets.

The source vehicle

wants to verify location of vehicle

but no direct path exist between them, therefore, it broadcasts a
route request message

to its neighbours to discover a route for sending message to the
destination vehicle.
Hence, only vehicle

has direct path to.

start the route discovery process by broadcasting route request
to its neighbour’s vehicle and wait for route reply message

. However, a malicious vehicle

will get the RReg message and reply with a fake

message immediately to vehicle

claiming to be correct vehicle having a route to destination
After receiving the false,

selects the route established by the malicious node and discards any

messages from valid vehicles. Then, vehicle
will forward the packet to the malicious vehicle and message is drop
by the malicious after receiving from vehicle.

This type of attack can affect
the performance of the network, damage network topology and increase
bandwidth consumption as well as creating unnecessary delay in the
network. These imply that, there is need for enhancing information
exchange in vehicular ad-hoc against malicious acts.

Scenario 2: An
insider attack is considered from a malicious vehicle; the vehicle
successfully masquerades as another by falsifying data and thereby
gaining an illegitimate advantage.
The malicious examines the
importance of the packet
during transmission and can selectively drop the packets. Malicious
node can use this type of threats to completely control the network
(Sneha C.S, 2016).

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