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0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} Just because I’m black”Just because I’m black doesn’t mean I’m from America”As a proud African woman, I am as distressed about racism as the next person. Yes, I’m black, so whether I like it or not. The racism is something I can’t define. Even though of course, my friends never miss a chance to remind me. “How is your English so good” a cashier from Welcome.

When I asked her what she meant she said “most African people”.Just because I’m black doesn’t mean I didn’t get an education, and for the last time people, Africa is a continent. When I told her I can also speak Chinese, she was shaken. However, she’s not the only one who has said that to me. My friends usually use the terminology “You act like a white girl” like how does the way I act have anything to do with who I’m. Apparently, they thought I would act aggressively and instead of talking softly I shouted my words. It seems as if my entire personality doesn’t fit into their perspective of how black people should act like.

Like can I just say “that’s some white nonsense!” though in my case also Chinese. I noticed this weird perception nowadays, our race is no longer defined by my skin colour, but by also the way I act with the people I’m with and apparently that not the way I should be acting. Chinese people should be good at math. While black people should speak in “ebonics”, as well as be into in rap culture. What I usually find sad about this it’s that this is actually not white nonsense but black nonsense.

It really needs to stop like where did the idea come from that black people have to know every rap so. I for one I’m black, However, dear friends just because I’m black doesn’t mean I can rap. Yes, I enjoy the music but that doesn’t mean I can rap to it. However, I think this Idea came from the way we’re portrayed in movies they always tend to stick to the “Urban friends”.Somehow along the lines, we start to believe this and somehow made it our reality. Though, I’m sad to admit that I’m one of does people.

But no matter the circumstance it still affects me even if I play it off. Also friends can you please stop, telling me I’m not black just because I can’t rap nor play basketball, harmful to the both of us. And when did we actually agree to set ourselves guideline of, how and how to not act for your race. “This just reinforces troublesome stereotypes that make us think that we have the right to point a person out if they’re not acting like their race should.

Which I still don’t know is. Childish Gambino sang “every black you’re not black enough, is a white you’re all the same.”

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