Pablo Escobar was a colombian drug lord born December 1, 1949 his mother was a teacher and his father was a farmer as a child he dreamed of playing a role in politics and is quoted saying “I want to be the president of colombia” His views changed radically by the time he was a young adult he had already started a life of crime he was a street thief and was notorious for stealing cars pablo made his transition to the smuggling business During the Marlboro Wars in which he played a high profile role in colombia’s cigarette smuggling business this played a key role in pablo’s success because it gave him important contacts and was a good trial but most importantly it set him down a path that made him almost unstoppable as the cocaine market began to flourish in the early 70’s colombia’s geographical location turned out to be the perfect spot to run a cocaine empire it was situated between the thriving cocoa cultivation fields in peru and bolivia and a small journey south of the largest consumer of the drug. In 1975 drug trafficker fabio restrepo was killed under pablos orders he quickly swooped in and took control of his organization and turned it into the biggest cocaine distribution network the world had ever seen by the time th 80’s rolled around pablo controlled more than 80% of cocaine smuggled in the the united states roughly 15 tons of cocaine were smuggled into the united states on a daily basis netting his newly formed cartel over 400 million a week, in 1982 pablo was elected an alternate member of colombia’s congress however the reasons for his wealth were revealed and he was forced to resign in 1984 the justice minister who revealed pablos background was killed by pablo after realizing he would never be able to become president he began his terror campaign in which he killed thousands of ponce officers citizens and people in political power like 3 president elects witch caused colombian authorities to become desperate and offer him a deal in which if he would surrender he would be imprisoned in a luxurious prison equipped with spas and nightclubs he surrendered after a year in the deluxe prison the colombian authorities were going to transfer him to a standard prison he broke out and was caught by authorities in a residential area in Medellin pablo and his bodyguards tried escaping via the rooftops but he was shot and killed december 2, 1993

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