Economy of every province depends upon 3 sectors i. e. agribusiness. industry and commercialism. These three are interconnected with each other as the advancement or retrogress of one sector effects the other two. Pakistan is an agricultural province therefore agribusiness additions are of much importance than any other sector. Importance of this sector is manifold as it feeds people. provides natural stuff for industry and is a base for foreign trade. Foreign exchange earned from goods exports is 45 % of entire exports of Pakistan. It contributes 26 % of GDP and 52 % of the entire populace is acquiring its support from it. 67. 5 % people are populating in the rural countries of Pakistan and are straight involved in it.


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There are two harvests in Pakistan i. e. Rabi & A ; Kharif.

Major harvests of Pakistan are wheat. rice. corn. cotton and sugar cane. These major harvests contributed 7. 7 % last twelvemonth against the mark of 4. 5 % . Minor harvests are canola. onions. Mangifera indicas and pulsations which contributed 3. 6 % as there was no virus onslaught last twelvemonth. Fishery and Forestry contributes 16. 6 % and 8. 8 % severally.

Though the agricultural sector is confronting jobs in Pakistan yet the major ball of money comes from this sector. Following are the major causes of agricultural jobs in Pakistan which disturb the agricultural growing or development in Pakistan.


First. No mechanism has been adopted to eliminate the dirt eroding and even after reaping nil is done to better or reconstruct the dirt energy. Therefore. the birthrate of dirt is diminishing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. The thickness of fertile bed of dirt in Pakistan is more than 6 inches but the mean output is lower than other states where bed of fertile dirt is merely 4 inches.

Second. H2O wastage is really high in our state. The out-of-date methods of inundation irrigation are still in pattern in whole of the state which wastes about 50 to 60 per centum of H2O.
Third. owing old methods of cultivation and harvest home. Pakistan has low output per acre that means the mean harvest in Pakistan is merely 1/4th of that of progress provinces. Whereas. Nepal. India and Bangladesh are utilizing modern scientific methods to increase their output. For this intent. these provinces are utilizing modern machines to better their output.

Fourthly. Exploitation and predicament of little husbandmans: the little husbandmans are increasing in our state as the lands are spliting coevals by coevals. So. there are big Numberss of husbandmans who own merely 4 estates of land. These little husbandmans do non acquire recognition installations to buy seeds. pesticides. fertilisers etc. This unsure state of affairs of tenancy neither creates inducement of work nor does pull capital investing.

Fifthly. H2O logging and salt is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. No effectual steps have been taken to command it. As the storage capacity of the dike is diminishing so the H2O handiness per acre is besides diminishing. Therefore. the husbandmans are put ining more and more tubing Wellss to water their harvests. This is why salt is going the major issue in most parts of Punjab and Sindh.

Sixthly. concentrating more on land. harvests and output jobs the adult male behind the Big Dipper is ever ignored. While explicating the 5 or 10 old ages program. no emphasize has been laid on the importance of work outing the jobs of husbandmans. Most of the husbandmans are illiterate. hapless and nescient.

Seventhly. The lone mean of communicating in rural countries is T. V or wireless so it is desperately needed on the portion of these mass communicating resources to aerate the plans related to the new agricultural techniques and allied scientific disciplines. But these plans should be telecast in regional or local linguistic communications. Because deficiency of counsel is the chief ground of husbandmans retardation. The communicating spreads between good qualified experts and simple husbandmans have non been bridged. Handiness of these experts is non ensured in rural countries as they are loath to travel at that place.

Eighth. Pakistan is rich in fertile land yet the land is being wasted in different ways. 79. 6 % million Hectors of land is cultural where as merely 20. 43 % million Hectors is cultivated. The ground can be described in two points. A major country is owned by feudal. It is hard to pull off such a immense country so merely that portion is cultivated which is easy to pull off. the remainder is left neglected. The rise of industrialisation has given menace to this sector. Peoples are migrating to metropoliss and metropoliss are spread outing. therefore new towns and settlements are constructed on fertile lands. The irrigation system of Pakistan needs betterment as approximately 67 % of the land is irrigated with canals.

Solutions for Agricultural Problems in Pakistan:

Feudalism should be abolished and lands should be allotted to hapless husbandmans. This will heighten the productiveness and per acre output of all the harvests in Pakistan. Taxes should be imposed on Agricultural income but non without inventing bound of land keeping. Otherwise it would straight impact hapless husbandmans.

Federal Seed Certification and Federal Seed Registration is approved but it should take responsible stairss in seeds as it has already approved 36 new sorts of seeds. Specially. those seeds should be banned which can make pest job in close hereafter. These seeds are of cotton chiefly. International seed shapers are supplying those seeds which are non successful in our state as these seeds are non tested on our dirt.

A new Agricultural policy must be framed in which following stairss should be focused on.

– Small husbandman must be focused. The major jobs of little husbandmans should be solved foremost.

– Consumer friendly policy must be projected.

– Productivity sweetening plan must be constituted to set and back up monetary values.

– Different Agricultural zones should be introduced. As Multan in celebrated for its Mangoes and citrous fruit fruits so it must be made Mango. citrous fruit zone by which Perishable merchandises should be exported. This would heighten agro based industry and increase foreign militias. Pakistan Agricultural storage & A ; Services Corporation needs to take stairss in this respect.

– Corporate agriculture like giving lands to Mitchell’s. Nestle and Multinational companies is besides a good thought that will besides assist those who own a big country of fertile land but can’t manage it.

– Surplus veggies and fruits must be exported. A Rs 39 million strategy has been approved for the current financial twelvemonth for constitution of agro export treating zone for fruits. veggies and flowers. This will besides assist in commercializing agribusiness.

– Latest machinery should be provided to the husbandmans to increase the per acre output. This proviso should be on easy installments so that the husbandmans can avoid the load of loans. If possible subsidy should be given by the authorities of modern machinery.

– Modern techniques of irrigation can work out the jobs of irrigation in Pakistan. This includes drip irrigation and sprinkle irrigation methods. By utilizing this technique the husbandmans can salvage a immense amount of money which he pays for irrigation through tubing Wellss and tractors.

– More dikes should be constructed on Indus. Jhelum and Chenab rivers. This will heighten the storage capacity of H2O and cut down the per acre cost of all the harvests. This measure will besides cut down the salt opportunities of the lands as less tubing good H2O will be flooded to the lands which cause salt.

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