Paula Essay, Research PaperStephanie MedinaEnglish II AwardsMay 30, 2000Paula by Isabel Allende ; 330 pp.

; Cost: $ 14.00When Isabel Allende & # 8217 ; s girl, Paula fell soberly sick, Allende began to make full her composing tablet with a narrative for Paula. Allende wrote so when Paula woke up she won & # 8217 ; t be lost and will cognize what happened while she was in her coma. This is Allende & # 8217 ; s first nonfiction novel. The book tells you what is go oning during Paula & # 8217 ; s illness along with Allende & # 8217 ; s autobiography and memoirs.

She speaks to Paula stating her the narrative of uneven ascendants, her ain secrets, and narratives from her young person. She besides tells Paula what is traveling on while she is in her coma. Allende says what happened during the slaying of her uncle, the Chilean President Salvador Allende, the military putsch and her expatriate,her relationships and the ruin of her first matrimony to Paula’s male parent, why she wrote her foremost novel, to her present life in California. Allende turns this lay waste toing experience to a happy 1 with her usage of words doing it a beautiful narrative.Paula different from Allende & # 8217 ; s other plants because it is nonfiction ; nevertheless it is known to be her best 1 along with House of the Spirits. I liked this book a batch and would decidedly urge it to anyone. If you haven & # 8217 ; t read any of Allende & # 8217 ; s novels and aren & # 8217 ; t familiar with her I don & # 8217 ; t believe you would bask it every bit much.

This book should be read after reading at least one of Allende & # 8217 ; s novels so there could be an debut to acquiring to cognize this writer. In my sentiment, Isabel Allende has lived a really interesting life and you would happen that out after reading this book.

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