Weather prediction is Prediction of the conditions through application of the rules of natural philosophies and weather forecasting. Weather calculating predicts atmospheric phenomena and alterations on the Earth’s surface caused by atmospheric conditions ( typhoons. inundations. elephantine moving ridges.

and high seas ) .The City of Olongapo ( Tagalog: Lungsod ng Olongapo ; Sambal: Syodadnin Olongapo ) is an independent extremely urbanised metropolis located in the state of Zambales. Philippines. Harmonizing to the latest nose count. it has a population of 258.

817 people in 57. 515 families. Along with the town of Subic. it comprises the Metro Olongapo. one of the 12 metropolitan countries in the Philippines.

The Online Geographical Live Forecasting System of Olongapo City is to supply protection of life and belongings against natural jeopardies due to typhoons. inundations. elephantine moving ridges. and high seas. To use scientific cognition and information as an effectual instrument to guarantee the safety. economic security and better the quality of life of all the people and the environment.The proposed system provides a user friendly website that helps the citizens view conditions and inundation conditions. latest intelligence and information.

and a scalable map of olongapo metropolis. Due to the job of low-lying countries enduring from inundations because of comparatively heavy downpour the system shall besides supply colour coding indexs to supervise flood conditions and users can besides see these specific hazard countries via cctv camera. The Closed-circuit Television Cam is used to supervise and convey signals from a specific topographic point. on a limited set of proctors. CCTV’s are connected to the web site for public screening.

to supply a service to clients. to be updated of the latest conditions prognosis from clip to clip.Wireless cameras do non necessitate a picture overseas telegram for video/audio transmittal. merely a overseas telegram for power. Wireless cameras are besides easy and cheap to put in. Previous coevalss of wireless security cameras relied on parallel engineering ; modern radio cameras use digital engineering which delivers crisper sound.

sharper picture. and a secure and interference-free signal. Integrated systems allow users to link remotely from the cyberspace and position what their cameras are sing remotely.

The proposed system indicates the colour of danger rainfall and inundation warning system. “Yellow warning” represents 7. 5-15 millimeter rain in an hr which could besides do deluging. “Green warning” bases for 15-30 millimeter rain in an hr that is besides expected to go on within the following two hours.

At this point. low-lying countries are expected to endure from inundations because of comparatively heavy cloudburst. The memorable Typhoon Pedring ( Nesat ) .

which hit the state on September 27. 2011. fell within the green warning scope as it had a recorded rainfall of about 15-25 millimeters per hr “Red Warning” More than 30 mm rain observed in 1 hr and expected to go on in the following 2 hours.

Serious deluging expected in low-lying countries. Think about the sum of rain at Typhoon Ondoy’s ( Ketsana ) extremum when it hit the state on September 26. 2009.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThe chief job of this research is that people are seeking for an easy accessible web site that will assist them to inform about current conditions and inundation prognosis and besides to turn up recent catastrophes go oning within the country of Olongapo City.
1. How will the citizens view latest intelligence about conditions and flood conditions of Olongapo City?2. How will the system update information about the cancellation of categories of the pupils and plants of employees. signal degree of possible typhoon.

and the specific countries of emptying centre?3. How will the system monitor the Specific hazard countries within Olongapo City?4. How will the proposed system inform the citizen of Olongapo City about the danger rainfall and inundation warning?5.

How will the website be accessed in instance of power outage or inaccessibility?Aim OF THE STUDYThe chief aim of this research is to happen an Information TechnologySolution that will provide the demands of the citizens of Olongapo City during catastrophes like typhoons and implosion therapy. The IT Solution must be able to show an on-line geographical with unrecorded prediction system to update the users during catastrophes. 1.

To develop a system that broadcast latest updates on the conditions and flood conditions of Olongapo City.

2. To develop a system that synchronizes the information from other conditions calculating sites that will expose text information below the proposed system’s map interface about the cancellation of categories and plants of employees. typhoon signal degree.

and emptying centre countries of Olongapo City.3. To develop a system that can supervise the specific countries of Olongapo utilizing CCTV cameras installed in catastrophe prone countries and by ticker unrecorded pictures through online.4.

To include flood admonitory index via colour coding such as: A. )Red Warning: More than 30 mm rain observed in 1 hr and expected to go on in the following 2 hours. Serious deluging expected in low-lying countries. Response: Emptying
B. ) Green Warning: 15-30mm ( intense ) rain observed in 1 hr and expected to go on in the following 2 hours. Flooding is endangering. Response: Alert for possible emptyingC.

) Yellow Warning: 7. 5-15mm ( heavy ) rain observed in 1 hr and expected to go on in the following 2 hours. Flooding is possible. Response: Monitor the conditions status5. To supply a erstwhile enrollment to have regular updates from PAGASA via SMS.SCOPE AND LIMITATIONScope1. The proposed system focuses on the update of the conditions and flood status of Olongapo City.

2. Flood calculating via CCTV camera.3. Time to clip latest conditions 24/7 update.4. The system will provides on-line mapping to see specific countries within barangay’s of Olongapo City.

5. Broadcast information of the conditions and inundation conditions to the website interface. 6. The system will expose all the information on cancellation of categories and office work within the country of Olongapo City. 7. Subscribing to PAGASA for Updates via SMS.


The proposed system merely covers the countries within Olongapo City. 2. The system can merely air conditions and inundation conditions within the countries of Olongapo City. 3. The proposed system will merely Monitor Bridges. Rivers and selected Hazard prone Areas of Olongapo City.

4. The proposed System is Manually Updated and Handled by an Administrator. 5.

The proposed system will be utilizing a PoE web camera.LOCALE OF THE STUDYSubic Bay International Airport Weather StationFigure 1. 0 Locale of the Study
Located at Operation Bldg. 8050 Argonaut Highway Subic Bay Freeport Zone Philippines Managed by Mr Joselito F.

Meredor. Chief Meteorologic Officer.Significance OF THE STUDY1. Police. The system helps them to supervise the conditions of the specific country of Olongapo and helps to supervise and enter picture when jobs happened. to react and assist them from clip to clip.
2. Rescue Team.

The system can supervise the inundation conditions by utilizing colourcoding warning updates. It helps them to cognize if the specific area’s or barangay’s are needed to evacuate instantly to protect the citizen of Olongapo City during inundation.
3. Citizens of Olongapo City. The stuffs in this web page will roll up and simplify to assist our viewing audiences and readers gain a better apprehension of the information disseminated and services offer by the proposed for the citizens of Olongapo City. This web page purposes to supply its viewing audiences and readers insight on the kineticss of the conditions which changes on a day-to-day footing and of the clime which changes over a greater period of clip.

4. Future Researchers. The Future Researchers will profit from the information that the advocates have gathered every bit good as the proficient issues that the Future Researcher will necessitate on the undertaking that they are developing. this research is available besides for future sweetening if the Future Researcher will be following this research.

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