After graduating from high school, most students wonder how college life will be different. Scared, excited and nervous are the feelings I felt before the first day of School. Back to zero, no friends, new school, and surrounded by different kinds of people. Somehow, after a few days, I learned how to adjust and started to enjoy it. But still, it is not the end of struggles. I have experienced different common problems in college life and some of those are: Peer pressure, studying and improper use of freedom.

Peer pressure is always the one of the first problem in college life. In my first day, I did not introduce myself to anyone yet but I think I need someone to talk to but to whom? There are lots of students and I was worried whether they will like me or not. We all have those first impressions to people. Some would look kind but they are snob and some would look like a pitch but they were really not. I cannot Just leave a person if I found out she is a bad influence. However, as the day passed, showing my confidence and being myself helped me to find the right friends.

That’s okay, my teacher will not let me fail in her subject”, I always say this line to myself when I get lazy during my High school life. High school was quite easy when it comes to studying because teachers spoon fill the lessons and they talk to their students when they are failing. But in college, I did not expect that it will be very different. Professors do not care whether I listen or not, present or absent, take down notes or do nothing because they want the students to become more responsible and stand on their own. So I said to myself that a large effort and big courage will make me survive.

In college, parties and cutting classes are the most dangerous temptations. It depends on the students what to do during free time. Laziness, unfinished tasks, avoiding tests and procrastinating are the reasons why students cut classes. Some students prefer to Just go to the bar instead of attending their classes which leads to failure due to absences and failing marks. I do not understand why they waste their time on it. There is a time for fun and studies should always be a priority because an improper use of freedom can ruin the focus of students in their studies.

I see college life like a hell because of those tons of problems. But I know that this hell can be beaten if I Just focus and keep the lessons that I learned in mind. I learned not to take things so easily, prepare and think for anything that can happen, be myself and be independent. Students like me should learn how to adjust and face those problems in order to move forward and finish this survival college life. Peer Pressure, Studying, and Improper use of Freedom: Common Problems in College Life By wallflower

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