People all over the world spend millions dollars to look good. The official origin of this perception is that they have a strong awareness of the importance of appearance.

People are increasingly focused on how to have an attractive outlook. According to New York Times Newspaper, in the US in 2008, Americans spent more than 2000 billion dollars to spruce up their appearance, although at that time, the US was experiencing one of the biggest economic crises. In the past, individuals evaluate others by asset volume or level of education. However, recently, the authors of ” An ninh The Gioi” Website said that people have tended to base on little subtle signs of the appearance to make that judgment. In life, an attractive appearance will have a lot of advantages, such examples are the more beautiful appearance tends to earn more money, and the chance to be recruited more. However, people often have prejudices with the not very eye catching appearance. Currently there are many individuals have no qualified economical condition to obtain their desired appearance, ugly appearance prevented them from having a good job and an easier life.

Therefore, a series of programs to support plastic surgery money grow. For example, in “Let’s Beauty” of Korea, thousands of people having an imperfect appearance registered to be able to have an opportunity to change lives. The program has received very positive feedback from the community, this makes the thinking about cosmetic surgery becoming a very acceptable thing as Karen Kay said on livestrong.

com that “You’re going to get a cosmetic procedure for the same reason you wear make-up”.Cosmetic surgery is a quick and clear way to change the appearance and change your life. This industry is booming. A recent study (Fergus WalshMedical, 2013) found that “It has undergone an estimated five-fold increase in turnover in a decade”. As stated in website baomoi.

com; South Korea, America, Brazil are three developed countries having Cosmetic surgeries the most all over the world. According to the data of Organizations International Plastic Surgery, Brazil is a country with the highest ratio Cosmetic Surgeries in the world in 2013, followed by the US and South Korea but Plastic Surgery industry in Korea is considered the most developed. According to this data, 20% of Korean women have come to the center to perform Plastic Surgery with the purpose to “find a job”, “find girlfriends ,boyfriend” or “more confidence” . This rate is much higher than with the figure of 5% in the US, and the trend seems to be continuing.

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