make assumptions about the issues around them. Sometimes, the assumptions are
based on false or incomplete information. For instance, part one starts with a
short narrative about a particular leader. However, the information in the
narrative is not complete and consequently the reader end up making a
conclusion about the wrong leader that is being talked about. In this case, the
aspect of people making assumptions using incomplete information is made proved.

Our behavior is affected by the assumptions we make or how we perceive our truths.

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Moreover, we tend to make decisions based on what we think we know. For example,
sometime back, a number of people believed that the world was flat. This belief
was perceived as the truth, it impacted behavior.

are only two ways to influence human behavior, namely, manipulation and
inspiration of the behavior. When it comes to manipulation of human behavior,
it is not necessarily pejorative. The tactic is not harmful and it is commonly
put into practice. For instance, children say, ‘I will be your best friend” in
order to obtain something from their peer. Manipulation does not only apply in kid’s
world but also in other areas such as business and politics. When it comes to business,
manipulation runs rampant in all forms of sales and marketing. For example,
roping the price, running a promotion and promising innovation to influence
behavior are all forms of typical manipulations.

messages tend to keep people moving forward. When fear motivates people to move
away from something like quitting a bad behavior, aspirational messages can be
used as a motivating factor. To further the discussion, the question to what
extent is decision making affected by information and the beliefs
we have about the issues around us.

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