For my coursework i had to plan and evaluate a progressive personal exercise plan to help me improve in Basketball.

The components of fitness and skill i identified for development were: reaction time, agility and speed. The equipment i needed to produce this exercise plan was: a stopwatch, cones 30 centimetre ruler, tennis ball, steps, skipping rope and a exercise mat. When planning my exercise programme had to consider the principles of training individual differences and needs because in order for the exercise plan to be uccessful I made sure it was suitable to me and my chosen sport.The exercises were specific to basketball as the sport requires a lot of throwing, passing, catching and running, i done a combination of interval, circuit and fartlek training which has improved all of my chosen components.

Before i started the training programme my heart rate: Resting heart rate: 72bpm Recovery heart rate:120bpm In the first week of my exercise programme i used the following fitness tests to measure my components: Illinois Agility Run test, 30 metre sprint and ruler drop test.I decided on the order of my exercise pan bearing the following things in mind:i had a day off this way i wouldn’t overwork myself. In my training programme i considered the following principles of training for several different reasons: Specificity: i had to make the each training session specific to my sport and suited to Progression: i increased the amount of training i done but steadily increased the amount to avoid injury. Rest and recovery: in order for adaptions to take place i made sure i had enough time etween my training sessions in order to recover from any injuries.I found my exercise plan easy to manage because i pre-organized what activities/ training i was going to do, the order of activities in my programme helped because the order was balanced so i wouldn’t overexert myself at the beginning of each week as i understood the idea of progressive overload. I found my training programme motivational because i enjoyed the training sessions, the increase of endorphins put me in a positive mood, thinking about the outcome of being able to improve and ecome a better basketball player encouraged me.

My personal exercise plan did need changing tthroughout the six wee ks i nad to make changes due to my asthma, tthroughout the six weeks i felt motivated but sometimes tired. On completion of my programme i felt that my components have improved i have seen an improvement while playing in a game and sports specific activities. There has been a difference between my fitness tests between week 1 and week 6 my speed, reaction time and agility has improved for the better.

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