Cruise can be defined as to do a trip by sea in a line drive for pleasance, normally naming at a figure of ports Collins English Dictionary.

A sail ship is first of all a mean of conveyance but nowadays it is considered as a ‘floating hotel ‘ ( Dowling, 2006 ) . Since the past few decennaries, sail touristry has been turning drastically ( Meng, Liang and Yang, 2011 ) . It is even turning faster than other touristry sectors and therefore implies that it will hold effects on diverse finishs around the universe ( Chin, 2008 ) . Furthermore, as per the Cruise Lines International Association, CLIA, ( 2008 ) the one-year growing rate for worldwide sail riders was 7.

4 % from the twelvemonth 1990 to 2007. As the sail industry is spread outing all around the universe and it doubtless comes with its burden of impacts, it is imperative to see the host community and the different stakeholders involved such as the policy shapers, the travel bureaus and the ports governments amongst others. The sail ships are reputed to see little islands and renowned town all around the universe. But while sing the little islands, the sail riders will decidedly interact with the locals and there will be an exchange procedure. During the exchange procedure at that place will undeniably be both positive and negative results ( Brida & A ; Zapata, 2010 ) . Coming to the Mauritian context, which has known a considerable rise in the figure of sail ships, the effects will besides be felt due to such activities. Furthermore it should be pointed out that really few surveies have been made on the perceptual experience and attitudes of host community towards cruise touristry ( Diedrich,2010 ; Gatewood & A ; Cameron, 2009 ) . In the context of Mauritius, the sail industry has emerged but Mauritians still see it as a luxury merchandise and non available to them.

Furthermore there is a myth that sail traveling is reserved for the rich 1s. This indicates that there is a general thought but there still needs to be a research conducted in order to cognize what Mauritians, who are possible clients, truly think about sail travel. As per Brida and Zapata ( 2010 ) , perceptual experiences and attitudes can be assigned to different dimensions such as economic, socio-cultural, environmental and political and these dimensions will either be positive or negative.

In this regard, as the Mauritanian Government has been doing attempts for the advancement of the sail industry through the building of a sail terminus, it is of extreme importance to cognize the perceptual experience of the different stakeholders ( policy shapers, host community, travel bureau ) on this subject. The Mauritanian Government even plans to include another cruise terminus with more installations in one of its approaching undertakings named Neo Town which will convey a new breath to the Mauritanian sail sector. The Government purposes at positioning Mauritius as a chief sail finish in the Indian Ocean ( Sustainable Resource Management Ltd ) . With a survey which lays accent on the perceptual experiences of Mauritanian clients on sail touristry, new selling schemes can be developed in order to pull the Mauritanian market.

In add-on, there will be a variegation in the touristry industry in Mauritius and it will let people to see different finishs while onboard a hotel itself.


To measure the perceptual experiences and the attitudes that Mauritian clients have on sail travel.


Identify sail market in Mauritius OR To look into on the existent market place of sail travel in MauritiusTo mensurate the figure of Mauritanian sail travellersTo place the existent image of sail by MauritiansTo place chief impacts involved with sail industry in MauritiusTo mensurate the perceptual experience of Mauritanian clients by utilizing economic, societal and environmental dimensionsLiterature ReviewCruise travel day of the months back to the 19th century during which the first sail ship, the Prinzessin Victoria Luise, was intentionally built for leisure touristry ( Wikipedia,2012 ) . But during the 20th century, with the coming of air conveyance, cruise travel was seen as a attenuation industry.

( Hobson, 1993 ; Lawton and Butler, 1987 ) . However in the 21st century, the sail industry went through a colossal success with a record figure of riders going the universe aboard a sail ship. Bing a planetary signifier of touristry, sail travel has been much researched on and it has been studied in assorted facets, from measuring the impacts it causes to happening its most attractive properties. As for perceptual experiences and attitudes, they have besides been much researched upon in assorted Fieldss such as sociology, psychological science, consumer behaviour and touristry amongst others. Puting more accent on the touristry researches, we will see the researches which have a nexus with attitudes, perceptual experience and sail travel.Brida, Chiappa, Meleddu and Pulina ( 2012 ) worked on the perceptual experiences that an island community in Messina, Italy, has towards sail touristry.

In this survey, the writers used a Factor Analysis in order to group and analyse the information.When covering with attitude, it is a must to see the Information Integration Theory ( Anderson,1971,1991 ) which first gives us an penetration of how attitude alterations towards an object or individual when new information are obtained. As per this theory, the attitude that a client will hold towards a merchandise is established by the perceptual experience the individual has on the merchandise public presentation and the importance that the client gives to the merchandise. But when sing a merchandise, all the properties should besides be considered and the importance clients give to these properties will besides impact their attitude.Taking the illustration of sail travel, the properties will be amusement, diversion, fittingness and crew amongst others. With the Information Integration Theory, we have a clear position of how attitude will change towards a merchandise when new information are obtained and it allows us to take into consideration the extra facets that form portion of a merchandise. If a possible patrol car had a favourable attitude towards cruise travel and the latter obtains positive information about sail, the attitude will go more favourable.

However if the attitude was favourable and negative information are obtained, the attitude will so go less favourable. But as mentioned earlier, the whole procedure depends on the initial perceptual experience the client had and the importance the latter gives to the information. For illustration, if a client perceives amusement as an of import facet aboard a sail and he comes to cognize that the shows are rather deadening, this will extremely impact his attitude and do it really negative. Thus this theory shows the importance of properties and in this mode, concerned stakeholders may work on the proper schemes to do their merchandise more individualized, as nowadays clients have more complex demands.

Furthermore, as attitudes can be changed with new information, travel agents and other operators might make a alteration in attitude in clients through good persuasion accomplishments.Some old ages subsequently, the Theory of Reasoned Action ( Ajzen and Fishbein, 1980 ) was developed and brought a new breath to the Information Integration Theory ( Anderson,1971,1991 ) . This theory brought approximately two alterations viz. in footings of behaviour and norms. It shows how behaviour has an impact on attitude and may evenaˆ¦

Decision of Literature Review:

As per all the old researches mentioned in the Literature Review, it has been found that no peculiar research was made on the perceptual experiences and attitudes that clients have towards the sail travel. There were many surveies which worked on the perceptual experiences of the host community and there were some which assessed the satisfaction of clients, but the perceptual experiences and the attitudes were non peculiarly studied. In the Mauritanian context, the researches made refering sail touristry itself is about inexistent. The really few that were made looked at the sail industry but did non at all consider the Mauritian clients, who form portion of the sail market.

Therefore there is a spread in the old literature and there is a demand to research the different images and perceptual experiences that Mauritians have towards cruise travel.



The Research Methodology portion is one among the most of import pillar in the research work as the methods used to transport out the survey are identified and explained. After the Literature Review, where many by related researches have been reviewed, the ways of garnering informations have to be identified and the most appropriate one should be chosen.

The intent of this survey is to research and seek to understand the different attitudes and perceptual experiences that Mauritian clients have towards cruise travel. In this regard, the different methods will be briefly discussed in order to choose the best one to run into the intent of the survey.

Research Design

The research design is a construction which is set up in order to reply the research job. It provides a model for the research and helps in turn toing the research issues. For the intent of this research, as no similar survey has been made at the local degree, an explorative research had to be undertaken whereby qualitative informations will be used. Therefore in order to garner information for this research, both primary and secondary informations had to be used.

Primary Data

Primary informations consists of all the informations collected for a specific intent and they are used specifically for that intent.

For the intent of this research, the primary informations were obtained from interviews conducted with the different stakeholders of sail travel in Mauritius.

Secondary Datas

Secondary informations consists of all the information which have already been collected for other surveies and for this peculiar survey besides. In the instance of this research work, all of the secondary information which have been used are available in the Reference portion of this thesis. Most of the secondary informations are in the signifier of old diaries, books and a few cyberspace beginnings.

Qualitative Research

As per Patton ( 1990 ) qualitative research is more focussed in deepness on little samples and it might be considered as a more flexible and less scientific attack. For the intent of this research work, whereby the figure of stakeholders is rather limited and an penetration is to be provided in the country of survey, qualitative research is best suited. As compared to quantitative research, it will let an geographic expedition of the survey, while non traveling for big samples but sing choice information obtained from some few good intimate stakeholders of the sail industry.

Sampling Frame

A purposive sampling which is a non-probability sampling was used for this research. This technique besides known as the purposeful sampling, selects a peculiar sample, by and large a little one, for the intent of the research work. The sample size depends on the research worker and the latter will choose the appropriate individuals to organize the sample.

Data Collection


Bing a qualitative exploratory research, the interview technique was selected.

Both face to face and telephone interviews were conducted in order to garner the necessary information. The interview consisted of five inquiries all straight linked with the subject and which were unfastened ended and allowed the interviewees plenty freedom to speak on the subject. Even if the interview inquiries were already set up, which made the interview a structured one, an unstructured attack was besides adopted which allowed more flexibleness.Restrictions of interview: some people were non unfastened plenty, they did non discourse in deepness, clip restraints, force per unit area at work.

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