Performance assessment is any type of assessment in which a student must do an activity such a project or some time of activity to demonstrate their learning of the material. Performance assessments are being used more often in education today.

I am going to have to do a performance test for student teaching where my work will be submitted via video to demonstrate my teaching practices. A written test is something that is given by paper, some type of test where you have to write out your answers to explain your knowledge, such as an essay format or fill in answer test. Research has shown that traditional written tests do not show students full comprehension of what they have learned and performance assessment asks students to use skills and knowledge to actually show what they have learned.  Circumstances in which it is better to use a performance assessment instead of a written test is to see if the student can perform a task such as a musical instrument, performance in gym class, or an oral presentation. It is best used if they are asked to perform what they know and be able to demonstrate their knowledge performance assessment. It also helps with self reflection, teachers must give clear directions as to what is expected from the performance assessment so the student is able to reflect and judge their own work.

Group projects are also circumstances where it is good to use performance assessment. If you have students work on a project such as a social studies project about a decade of time, they can each do research on their own and come together collaborate in a presentation. In a second grade classroom, performance assessment in terms of the process can be used when teachers want to understand better the students cognitive thinking process of a subject. The process is how the students learns and comes to terms with the concepts of a subject. subject. A familiar synonym for process is activity.  For example in a second grade science lesson, a teacher might want to gain understanding of the thinking process her student has for how plants grow.

The teacher could have students write a prediction of what they believe would happen if they let a plan grow in the dark as apposed to growing in sunlight. Then they would be able to complete the experiment and see that a plant needs sunlight to grow. The process in regards to performance assessment is helpful for teachers to understand what their students are thinking.

In a second grade classroom, performance assessment in terms of the product is something that is tangible. Products refer to the ways a student can show what he or she has learned, and be able to do as the result of learning new information. This could be a poster, portfolio, or drawing of some sort. The product could be to perform a science project in regards to the life of a butterfly. The students could be asked to draw a poster of the life cycle of the butterfly and give an oral presentation based on their research and classwork.

  A portfolio is a collection of work that shows growth and self-reflection. For my second grade classroom, I would have the students do a Language Arts portfolio. This would be started in the beginning of the school year. I would have it be a collection of their written work from the entire year. This is great because the students can see their progress throughout the year.

They can physically see how much their writing has improved. Their parents can also see the improvements they made in that year, and it is something very wonderful. I would have them select work that they believe is their best work, their most difficult work, and most improved work. It is important to let the students choose some of the work they want to include in their portfolios It can show what work they think they did well on and what work they liked. I would have them write a reflection paper at the end of the year where they would be asked to look at their work from the year and note on where they improved, such as how they edit their stories, the vocabulary they use now, and their grammar and mechanics. I would also include a scoring rubric for the portfolio.

A rubric is a scoring system that evaluates the quality of students work. I would score things such as the quality of their work overtime, the projects they chose to include, the design of their portfolio, etc. It is important to give constructive feedback on the students portfolios.

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