With the character of calm. steadiness and fortitude. I ne’er give up. During in-between school. I wasn’t profoundly attracted to accountancy until holding read the book _Corporate Finance_ written by Stephen A.

Ross. It brought me to a wholly new universe with many different ways and manners of thought. doing me feel admirations of the major’s macro-function and micro-details. Consequently.

my damnedest and understanding sent me to the commercial college of Renmin University of China in which my specialised field was accounting. Three old ages of professional survey has inspired my strong and alone sense of accounting. non to advert how prudential and careful I am in prosecuting my unmarried man grade.

The tremendous force per unit area in this excellent campus with ferocious competition stimulated me to endeavor for a better future alternatively of maintaining dead. Without compromising to troubles. I made every attempt to better and beef up myself in all facets. Active engagement in category and plentifulness of clip spent in the library eventually earned for me the “Excellent Student”?”Second Prize Scholarship” and so on.

Apart from my personal attempt. as proctor. I besides attempted and organized many category activities. such as mock interview where I divided my schoolmates into two groups. one group moving as the interviewer. the other as interviewee. During my ,I coordinated different parts of our category. our category gained the award of University-level Excellent Class in 2013.

The advanced accounting classs will beef up my foundation in accounting and aid to fix me for my future calling in company controllership. The outstanding module. along with the first-class choice of classs available within your plan will fit me with the latest accounting theories and patterns and let me to obtain my professional ends. I know that I am now to the full qualified and prepared to take on this challenge.

I strongly believe that my passion in the accounting and future calling. my bravery in confronting challenges and my strong ability to accommodate and work out jobs have to the full prepared me for your honored university.

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