Everyone has seen advertizement on Television.

We see it. it registers into our encephalons and so we do or make non make something about it. I. like many people in the universe. autumn into the group of I want everything I see on Television. I think it is atrocious that I let advertisement take the topographic point of what I should truly experience. From the flat I rent to the auto I drive.

it feels like I am non good plenty to delight anyone or myself. Due to my strong negative feelings towards advertizement. I believe that no 1 should hold any influence on one’s mind. Dr.

Kanner made really strong statements in his paper sing how advertisement dramas with people’s emotions and heads ; from utilizing GPS system to Google and happening out what people are seeking and so seting advertizement to seek to sell them things. “Using Built-in links to the planetary placement system ( GPS ) . smart-phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry can now track persons down to the street corner on which they stand” ( par.

3 ) . Dr. Kanner besides argues that because of the advertizement that people are shown every twenty-four hours. it changes their purchasing wonts because their emotions are distorted.Peoples are told how they should experience and what to make with those feelings. “ By exposing people to 1000s of such finely individualized ads.

corporate selling could sneakily model the most meaningful episodes of our lives” ( par. 13 ) . Mr. O’Reilly made his statement through a gross revenues person’s point of position. He believes that we as consumers owe the advertizement companies the clip to sit and watch their commercials because that is our unwritten side of the contract or trade. Since we get to watch our favourite shows. and the shows need money to run. it is our duty to the industry as a whole to watch their advertizement and so purchase their merchandises.

“ That’s the footing of the Great Unwritten Contract. The ads underwrite the plans or content you love. you sit through the ads in return” ( par. 15 ) .

In a sense. he is stating us that we should conform to what those companies want us to be. I strongly disagree with that absurd statement. I strongly agree with Dr. Kanner’s statements that advertizements play with our emotions and we tend to be manipulated by them and purchase things non because we genuinely wanted to but because we were made to make it by enticement and ill-defined heads.I believe that due to that use. the advertizement bureaus are composing the way our lives are taking.

“ By exposing people to 1000s of such finely individualized ads. corporate selling could sneakily model the most meaningful episodes of our lives” ( par. 13 ) . On the other manus. I strongly disagree with Mr.

O’Reilly’s argument that we must watch all the advertizement because it is our portion of the contract. We did non hold to the contract. We were told that this is how it is traveling to be. No thank you.

I instead non be brainwashed into being a better. faster. etc… individual. I should be happy with who I am and non desire to be what other people think I should be. How can we be ourselves when we are invariably told that we should be another manner? We are unrelentingly told that what we have is non good plenty and we should travel out and purchase the following best thing that will do us thinner. richer. healthier.

etc… We should non give advertizers the chance to state us how to populate our lives and what we should purchase. We need to take our egos back and do our ain determinations on how we should turn out to be.Plants CitedKanner.

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