PlayStation 4 (Sony Computer Entertainment)Why choose us?Enhanced resolution(including 4k)Gameplay performance and specsNew joystick/controller featuresGame sharing”PlayStation Now”: Backwards compatibilityPlayStation 4 wide range of exclusive gamesVirtual reality gamingPricesContact InformationBest prices and product conditionsReliabilityWe can provide advertising material and provide our marketing expertise to help for all your promotional needs, at affordable pricesMaintenance and repair services for our customers at an affordable and reliable priceQuick response times and ideal customer serviceThe new PlayStation 4 has even better resolution/graphics than it’s predecessor, and to add to that, the PlayStation 4 pro version is also able to run most games in 4K resolution, with smoother textures, colours, contrasts and better draw distances(Better field of vision and graphics while zooming in on a distance in video games). The new dualshock controller for PlayStation 4 has a new look and finish, and has some additional features, including:A port for the use of headphones, in which was not present in PlayStation 3 controllers light bar at the front side of the controller indicating in- game player conditions(depends on which game/game genre in this case)New touchpad located near the triggers and buttons, used for mainly shortcut for games(for example using the touchpad to access game settings, instead having to pause, being able to see the game’s map etc.(depends on the game).Built in speaker(found under the touchpadAnother new feature Sony has added is game share.

Game sharing is when you can get to play your online friend’s game(Online multiplayer), without even having to pay for the game! This allows for better assurance and less unmet expectations for the customers when buying certain games(With multiplayer being a huge part of games). Steps into game sharing with a friend are:Ask your friend for his/her account details, so you can access the account.Go to settings and go to the PlayStation networkDeactivate your account, and log in to your friend’s accountPlayStation 4 has a game streaming service called the “PlayStation now”, which allows you to play PlayStation 3 games; in fact it has a library of over 600 games!PlayStation Now is available on compatible devices in the following countries:UKFranceGermanyBelgiumThe NetherlandsLuxembourgA yearlong subscription costs $99.99, while a single month costs $19.99.

Source of the information: has a huge variety of exclusive games with varieties of genres, storylines, gameplay styles that meet every gamer’s needs.

Some of them are included here: Granturismo sportGod of war(2018 video game)Death strandingUncharted The last of us part 2Drive clubUntil dawn: Rush of BloodShadow of the BeastInfamous Second sunVirtual reality sets you away from the real world, and into the game’s protagonist’s point of view. Virtual reality allows for a more immersive gameplay, and can minimise distractions for the player by blocking the user/consumer’s surroundings(walls, furniture etc.). PlayStation 4 VR comes in with goggles which are worn by the user, and several types of motion controllers(which guide the game’s controls according the user’s body movements, which also include buttons).  A Vr camera is also needed in order to track your body movements via connecting to the motion controller’s beams. Other VR brands like Oculus can also be used.

 VR goggle : €200(for one)                Bulk buy(20): €2800 (30% discount)Motion controllers : €59.99(for one)    Bulk buy(20) : €839.06(30% discount)PS4 Dualshock controller : Price for one: €29.99  ,     Bulk buy(30 controllers): €629.99 (30% bulk discount!)       (From 30 controllers onwards every controller will cost €20.

99)Controller charging stations: Price for one(19.99)        Bulk buy(30 charging stations) : €419.79 (30% bulk discount!)(For video game prices, contact us through your preferred medium and we will negotiate with you)PlayStation 4 VR camera: € 59.99 (for one) Bulk buy (20) : €839.

96 (30% discount)PlayStation 4 Wireless headset(available in black or white colours) – €59.99 (for one) Bulk buy (20) : €839.96 (30% discount)Phone: 2343 6000Address: Triq il-Birrerija, B’KaraDirectors: Joseph F.X. ZahraEtienne Borg CardonaLuke TaboneAlan TaboneAfter sales for PlayStations/software:Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 10:00 – 14:0015:00 – 18:00Saturday09:00 – 13:00   Contact Details : Tel: 23436299Email: [email protected] 

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