Predicament Of The Falun Gong Essay, Research PaperThroughout the extended history of China, from the Qin dynasty to modern yearss, the Chinese authorities has been witness to finish political reformations due to weaker periods in history combined with the rise of a new motion viing for truenesss of the people.

During imperial regulation, the epoch of dynasties enduring from 3rd century B.C. up boulder clay 1912, emerging motions led by groups such as the Taiping Rebels or the Boxers had disrupted the tally of authorities. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) Chairman Mao Zedong was besides improbably aware as to protecting Maoism, the Chinese version of Communism, which came about in 1949, following the Chinese Communist triumph over the Chinese Nationalist in a civil war.

( Holt, Rinehart and Winston 509 ) In the 1950 s, Mao was wary to disband any secret society or spiritual religious order that could bring forth a possible competition. And once more, in 1966-1967 during the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards who were originally created by Mao were dispersed by ground forces military personnels sent in by Mao due to the fusing of several local groups ; the organisation was distributing and turning to go a menace to the province. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) The Communist authorities has been highly cautious to stop any purpose to overthrow the authorities. They were speedy to interrupt up the 1989 pupil presentation in Tiananmen Square and since so, nil has been considered a great menace to security until the current struggle refering the Falun Gong. In 1992, Li Hongzhi provided a new religious way and pattern, called Falun Gong, which he developed through uniting traditional Chinese qigong exercisings, elements of Buddhism and Taoism, and ancient theories refering cosmic forces in the organic structure. ( Eckholm China Enacts ) When this group held a vigil at Tiananmen Square to demand acknowledgment, the authorities began to see Falun Gong as a menace to security which could take to the topple of China s communistic authorities. Fear of mutiny is instilled in the bosom of authorities leaders and to chase away the group, mentions are made to Falun Gong as a faith or cult, which is technically illegal by communism s unbelieving criterions. The paranoia of mutiny and loss of power of Communist China, combined with its official godlessness, has led to extreme tactics with questionable properness used to cover with the Falun Gong, a group seeking for a peaceable topographic point to pattern their mixture of traditional Chinese exercisings called qigong, mysticism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

From Communist China s fright of an evil cult interrupting the authorities and making mutiny, to the Falun Gong s simple wish to be able to pattern peacefully, to the engagement of outside parties such as the United Nation and the USA, the struggle between the current Chinese authorities and the Falun Gong is an model clang of ancient Chinese civilization with the world of Communist Party political relations.To implement the saving of party regulation and societal stableness, the Communist authorities of China has been be aftering to pass over out any grounds of organized motion of the Falun Gong through a malignant anti-Falun Gong run. ( Smith ) The greatest menace to the authorities is a nationally organized force viing for truenesss and can take to mutiny, such as any spiritual group or cult. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) Falun Gong would non present as great a menace if supreme trueness was still pledged to the Communist Party ; nevertheless, the most profoundly dedicated members of Falun Gong pledge trueness to Li Hongzhi, the laminitis of Falun Gong, and his theories above China s authorities. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) A Harvard professor of Chinese political relations and history by the name of Roderick MacFarquhar provinces, The party can non let the being of a rival mass organisation with control over the Black Marias and psyches of the ordinary people and exposing their ain ideological vacuity. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) Reminded of reforms during weaker transitional points in history, the Communist Party had been cautious to forestall similar events from reoccurring from the formation of any organisation that could lift to dispute the power of the cardinal authorities ( Eckholm A Quiet ) .

The standing commission on the affair is head by Li Peng, a individual who played an indispensable portion in the interruption up of the 1989 Tiananmen Square pupil presentation. ( Eckholm China Enacts ) They like to believe the Falun Gong is an evil cult gulling the Chinese population ; Falun Gong does incorporate peculiar features of a cult such as devotedness to one adult male s instructions, utmost privateness and secretiveness, abnormally sensitive responses to unfavorable judgment, and antiscientific claims to supernatural powers. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) While there has non been a hallmark grave appendage such as a mass self-destruction, over 1,400 deceases due to refusal of medical attention has been blamed upon this group by the Chinese governments ; they believed that with proper religion and pattern, cosmic forces combined with traditional medical specialty would be influential plenty to overrule modern conventional medical specialty ( Eckholm A Quiet ) . It was non brought to attending that the Falun Gong posed as a major possible menace until over 10,000 members held an illegal vigil in Tiananmen Square on April 25, 1999 to demand official acknowledgment. ( Eckholm China Enacts ) After scattering this vigil, reprobating it as sham, and locking up the leaders present, the authorities had hoped that the motion would melt and lose its menace. ( Eckholm China Enacts ) In reverse, when 1000s of disciples refused to be hushed and caused the authorities to name on tribunals, prosecuting officers, constabularies and administrative judicial variety meats to be on full qui vive for cult activities and nail them strictly. ( Eckholm China Enacts ) In add-on, the Chinese Communist Government has charged Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong with of a secret political docket to sabotage the province.

( Eckholm China Enacts ) It can be seen that the Falun Gong s place as an influential beginning of opposing truenesss has posed as a menace to societal stableness and the saving of party regulation and the Communist authorities has taken extended steps consequently, to forestall its death.Denying labels of faith or cult, the Falun Gong simply wishes for a peaceable location to openly pattern and they feel as if the authorities has overreacted. The chief end of this group is to advance physical and religious wellness while cultivating an overall kinder and moral member of society, clean of smoke, imbibing, and homosexualism ( Eckholm Falun ; China Enacts ) . While Falun Gong blends facets of Buddhism and Taoism with mysticism and traditional Chinese qigong exercisings, the laminitis of Falun Gong does non see it a faith. During a inquiry and reply session, Li Hongzhi said, Whether people have other religions or non, they can all pattern Falun Gong. We do non acquire involved in religions. We respect them all.

( Landreth and Greensberg ) In the same interview, he besides responded to accusals of the Falun Gong as a cult. Hongzhi said that all his instructions are merely for fittingness and wellness and to learn people to be good, moral characters, traits that are promoted in all life styles. Besides, in contrast to traits typical of cults, all those who pattern Falun Gong are ordinary members of the society and take portion in ordinary, day-to-day events ; the members are non required to take themselves from society and make non happen it hard to go forth the pattern.

( Landreth and Greensberg ) Several people who have antecedently been members of Falun Gong can attest that rank was wholly voluntary. They can besides vouch that they were ne’er requested to interrupt off any ordinary societal relationships, or donate big sums of money, or any money other than for the purchase of books. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) Harmonizing to Li Hongzhi and his followings, the authorities s decision that the pattern of Falun Gong was cult related was based upon false studies. Li Hongzhi was charged with claiming he can confine the Judgment Day by 30 old ages ; nevertheless, when faced WisconsinThursday this statement, Hongzhi said that it was pathetic and denies any truth in such a claim. ( Landreth and Greensberg ) Besides, the comparing drawn between the Falun Gong, the Jim Jones cult and the Branch Davidians are empty statements with no support ; no convincing grounds for ground to pull such a decision was presented. ( Eckholm A Quiet ) The mention of Falun Gong as an evil cult is a strong illustration of how the authorities s paranoia caused them to overreact. While the authorities is fearful of underlying political aspirations, Li and other member of Falun Gong deny any purpose to sabotage the province or implement a looser policy on faith than the current communistic godlessness.

( Eckholm A Quiet ) Their anxiousness that highlights possible mistakes of the gathering increased the daze received when it was discovered that people of respectable places, such as senior military officers and ministry-level functionaries, encouraged the pattern of Falun Gong and believed in the possibility to derive mystical healing and supernatural powers. ( Faison ) It has besides been documented that in 1992, President Jiang Zemin sought a member of a similar followers that is besides under examination, Zhong Gong, for healing of his arthritis and back achings. ( Eckholm China Imprisons ) The appendage of the state of affairs loses authority if non everyone in the withstanding place holds a withstanding sentiment. Clearly, the Falun Gong feels no demand for the utmost reactions and mentions to faith and cults it has been subjugated to, when all they have been draw a bead oning for is unfastened tolerance and a peaceable venue to pattern the exercisings.

With the laminitis of the Falun Gong shacking in the United States, and the followings making out to the United Nations and other human rights organisations for rebuke of the mode they have been treated in, engagement of outside beginnings was inevitable. The chief concern of the 3rd parties are non whether or non the Falun Gong should be dispersed, but whether or non the Chinese Communist Government has been utilizing proper tactics to carry through their determination. With small difficult grounds in their support, the authorities has been reprobating Falun Gong as an evil religious order. In response to this, Sima Nan, a Chinese adult male who has been on a chase against Falun Gong and similar groups which promote superstitious notion and unscientific idea said, Alternatively of merely stating Falun Gong is an evil religious order, they should be utilizing scientific discipline to be turn outing by and large that there are no supernatural powers. ( Rosenthal ) He besides alluded that China s leaders have been at mistake for singling out Falun Gong for examination while several other groups, such as Zhong Gong, Yuang Ji Gong, and Wang Gong, have non been subjected to such defamation ; some have even been granted legal position due to benefaction of authorities functionaries. ( Rosenthal ) Another illustration of how the Communist Government has been using their tactics without properness occurred on July 29, 1999, when the Chinese authorities issued an apprehension warrant for Li Hongzhi, the laminitis of Falun Gong who was already populating in expatriate in the United States since 1997. This title was improbably unpointed, being powerless due to the deficiency of an extradition pact between the two states, and exemplifies the authorities as being more politically minded than lawfully minded. ( Faison ) Besides, with the democratic history of the United States and the strong effort to stay politically right and just on all footings, US citizens tend to see the Chinese pick of class to take for declaration of this struggle as inhumane and non decently supported with grounds.

A interpreter of the American Embassy said, We have no grounds that practicians have done anything other than peacefully exert their internationally recognized rights. ( Eckholm China Reassures ) In add-on, the US authorities has been quoted to name the crackdown a misdemeanor of international human rights criterions as fit Forth in instruments including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that China has signed. ( Eckholm China Reassures ) The crackdown was catalyzed by the vigil held in Tiananmen Square petitioning for public acknowledgment of the practicians. However, with China s fundamental law protecting the freedom of address and assembly, several human rights groups have been highly critical of the authorities s improper process toward covering with the technically legal fold. ( Faison ) The members have besides found the right to petition governments for justness worthless and unfruitful since the authorities has already become fixated upon the complete, arrant destruction of the mass. ( Eckholm Falun ) As the authorities s handling of the Falun Gong develops more and more perversely, including jailing, harassing, physically mistreating, and prehending concerns of Falun Gong practicians, the religious order has begun to pitch its protests to achieve the attending of the cosmopolitan peace-keeping organisation, the United Nations. Following in suit of the Falun Gong, the lesser-known Zhong Gong has besides appealed to the United Nations Human Rights Commission ; their missive called the crackdown of the religious orders as a serious human rights persecution.

( Associated Press ) On April 18, 2000, the U.N. Human Rights Commission will be holding its one-year meeting in Geneva and will vote on a colony sing the denouncement of the Chinese Communist authorities and their methods towards covering with Falun Gong and its assorted by-products. ( Associated Press ) However, back in November of 1999, Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations, met with Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan refering the cardinal rights received by the victims of the crackdown. In a brief inquiry and reply session, Annan stated, I think I leave here with a better apprehension of some of the issues involved that in covering with this issue, the cardinal rights of citizens will be respected and some of the actions they are taking are for the protection of persons. ( Eckholm China Reassures ) However, these brief and obscure comments besides reflect his consideration non to pique China who was a lasting member of the United Nations Security Council.

Obviously, the inevitable engagement of the United States and the United Nations has led to concern toward the properness of China s authorities s actions and hopefully a declaration will be reached after the one-year meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.In drumhead, Communist China s paranoia of mutiny and loss of power, combined with its technically unbelieving base on faith, has caused it to respond strongly and may hold resorted to tactics with questionable properness refering the Falun Gong, a group in hunt of a peaceable location to pattern their blend of traditional Chinese qigong exercisings, mysticism, Buddhism, and Taoism. With the lifting figure of followings, Falun Gong could easy turn out to be a possible menace to the Communist Government and a beginning of opposing truenesss as it additions back up and more practicians. However, missing the purposes to sabotage the authorities, the Falun Gong feels as if it has unjustly been enthralled to accusals of a faith, cult or immorality religious order when all they are draw a bead oning to achieve is a peaceable venue to pattern and acknowledgment other than the depreciating type they have been subjugated to by the authorities. With the engagement of outside 3rd parties such as the United States and the United Nations, the expedience of the Chinese authorities s method of covering with the conglobation became unfastened for scrutiny for its possible misdemeanor of cardinal human rights.

Hopefully, following the Geneva meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission on April 18, 2000, a common land can be found and peace between the two states will be achieved. Possibly the positions of Liang, a member of both the Communist Party and Falun Gong, will be realized ; the two beliefs are non reciprocally sole and can coexist, one beside the other. They are both about functioning the people. ( Faison )

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