Poetry is the foundation ofcreative writing that lets the writers express their creativity in countlessdifferent ways.What does it mean to truly write poetry?Google defines poetry as”something that arouses strong emotions because of its beauty” To me the thingthat defines poetry is the ability to write in your way to express those imageson so many different levels of meaning and thought that would not be possiblein an essay.

Poetry consists of many different kinds of poems such as rhyme,sound, haiku with many different poetic devices such as alliteration,assonance, and end stopping.The beautiful thing about poetry is it can meansomething different to every person who reads it.             Poetryis much more than fancy writing.

While reading “Wild” Tony Hoagland I started totruly understand that poems are beautiful for example while reading the line”The penalty for disobedience will be bears” I found myself laughing.The authordid a great job of capturing the image of bears going through the garbage toget their first spaghetti dinner.This poem tries to bring up a bigger pictureof how the moment we see animals we run and call for help without out realizingthat most of the time the bears just want food and have nowhere else to go.

Thepoem is also exactly like its name wild for example “The dart by accident intothe neck of the unpopular police chief” meanwhile there is a bear runningaround going through garbage and people afraid Donovan 2 for their livespersonally I think that’s the definition of wild.The author uses cupids andthen at the end of the poem he breaks his pattern to try and bring meaning tohis last line where he says “Which looks to them like paradise”at this point hewas talking in the point of view of the bear instead of the people which wasalmost countering everything else in the poem that was the complete opposite ofparadise.The author uses some assonance in his poem for example”The penalty fordisorbendece will be bears”, he also uses enjambment such as when he says “thedart going into the neck of the of the unpopular police chief.The authorswitches it up between enjambment and end stop occasionally for example”Drinking from your sprinkler system, rolling your trash cans down yourlawn”.Poetry is what makes writing so beautiful and creative yet fun at thesame time.The beautiful thing about writing poetry is it can be a few words butthe meaning is never ending no matter of what kind of poem it is. Poems are thebeautiful kind of writing and the most creative thing a person can do.No onetruly ever knows what a poem means not even the person who wrote it doesbecause every single person who reads a poem gets a different meaning from itwhich is what makes poetry such a beautiful thing to both write and toread.Poems truly are the foundation of creative no matter if its a sound poem arhyming poem or a poem of any kind.

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