When Stanza Press (an imprint of PS Publishing) announced it was coming out with a set of three volumes featuring the poetry published in Weird Tales by Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, I admit I was unsure what to expect.  Based on the number of poems each had published in Weird Tales, I knew they would be pretty slim volumes.

But after buying The Singer in the Mist and Others by Howard and seeing what a beautiful book it was, I just had to order the two companion volumes, Hallowe’en in a Suburb and Others by Lovecraft and Song of the Necromancers and Others by Smith to complete the set. The books, edited by Steven Jones,  are high quality, with beautiful endpapers, graphics and overall design. The only gripe I have is a slipcase would be nice to encase the set. Still, it is great to see the three volumes on my bookshelf, like three old friends hanging out together. Here is an overview of the Lovecraft volume from the Stanza Press website:

When the history of fantasy and horror fiction is being discussed, the pulp magazine Weird Tales is inevitably mentioned. Published on low-grade “pulp” paper, Weird Tales was the first newsstand magazine devoted exclusively to weird and fantastic fiction. It ran for 279 issues, from March 1923 to September 1954.

The three most important and influential writers to have their work published in the title were Rhode Island horror writer H.P. Lovecraft; the Texan creator of Conan the Cimmerian, Robert E. Howard; and the California poet, short story writer, illustrator and sculptor, Clark Ashton Smith.

“The Complete Poems from Weird Tales” series collects their verse in the order that it originally appeared in the pages of “The Unique Magazine.”


“H.P. Lovercraft (1890-1937) is probably the most important and influential author of supernatural fiction in the twentieth century. A life-long resident of Providence, Rhode Island, many of his tales are set in the fear-haunted towns of an imaginary area of Massachusetts, or in the cosmic vistas that exist beyond space and time.”
-Stephen Jones

These little volumes are perfect for reading while relaxing in your favorite recliner — preferably with all the lights out except for a reading lamp — enjoying an adult beverage.  And as an added bonus, the Clark Ashton Smith collection features artwork by the multi-talented Mr. Smith.

With great workmanship and printing, nice graphics, spooky poetry from the three amigos of Weird Tales and your own imagination, you can’t go wrong with The Complete Poems from Weird Tales volumes.

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