1. How would you react? Would you merely capitulate and stop some or all of these plans? Explain your reply.

I would foremost react to the Governor by stating him that I felt it was badly advised to follow through with what he wanted me to. I would explicate to him that with new coevals gaols. everyone is happier. I would travel into every bit much item as I could about the new coevals gaols and indicate that the traditional custodies off doctrine and hardcore gaol intervention in prison and gaol was presently frowned upon. I would make whatever I could to guarantee that the bulk of my plans offered in the gaols remained unfastened. with the hope that 100 % of the plans would still be available after my 1-month clip frame were up.

2. Be there any room to negociate with the governor? As a tradeoff. would you offer to set in topographic point some plans that are known to be tough on inmates? If so. what sort?

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I feel that in this case there is small room to negociate. From the missive that I received from the new Governor. it sounds as though he has his head set on what he wants to go on with the prisons and he has ordered it to take topographic point ; nevertheless. I would try to negociate with him by reding him that we could be stricter on inmates who break regulations. This could be done by taking away privileges or basic daily comfortss. The prison staff could train the inmates by non leting them to work for a certain sum of clip so that they aren’t able to gain money for their books. they could take away clip that they might hold spent in the pace acquiring fresh air for a few yearss. and they could besides put single inmates into lone parturiency for certain period of clip when regulations are violated. I would explicate to the Governor that we would necessitate to stay cautious as to
non ensue to cruel and unusual penalties or give the feeling of any either ; that we are required to maintain the inmates civil rights in head when censuring them.

3. Before leveling your policies and plans. would you try to see how much internal and external support you have for them? If yes. whom would you reach and how?

I would single-foot up every bit much support as possible in this state of affairs. to guarantee that my plans remained available. I would foremost get down with my ain staff and use their sentiments on day-to-day operations and maps and so those of the inmates. I would so travel to upper direction and effort to derive their support in the manner things were being run. Last. I would reach the populace and inquire for aid in turn outing to the Governor why our current system plants and if it’s non broken. we should non be trying to repair it. These sentiments and individual’s suggestions would be gathered by carry oning studies and bespeaking conferences and meetings with the populace and staff.

4. How might you travel about showing how successful your policies have been?

I would supply the governor with several financial twelvemonth studies on what we have been making and demo him where things have improved and by how much. I would utilize the bead in our recidivism rates as a starting point and so from at that place travel on to rede how the populace is get downing to accept our policies every bit good as staff members. I would seek to state the Governor. every bit respectfully as possible. that while his suggestion is being considered. he does non hold the experience to be doing such a drastic call to the arrest of such plans. I would inquire for more clip to demo the Governor precisely what and why we are supplying the plans that we are and if at the terminal of whatever extension might be granted advise the Governor that if he still requires us to close things down. I would contend it in any manner I could. I would besides rede that the staff is on board with all plans we offered. I would rede of the national attending that we had been having for all the right grounds and bespeak a more elaborate account as to why he wanted
the plans shut down if it was demoing that they were working.

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