The article written by Chris Wiant “What is the P2 tendency all about. and how are environmental wellness professionals involved? ” discusses the history. aims and significance of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s pollution bar ( P2 ) plan to the environment and public wellness. In the early 70s. there was already a witting attempt in protecting the nation’s critical natural resources which was pioneered by Congress. But EPA wanted to spread out their scheme in environmental protection which resulted in the birth of the P2 plan. The chief push of the pollution bar plan is to promote companies to acquire involved in the community degree by taking the enterprise in going leaders in protecting the environment. In add-on. the application of the plan has facilitated the designation of its “potential for important economic benefits by avoiding the demand for intervention at the end-of-the-pipe. ” Since P2 has been good received by concerns and its positive benefits are high. the following challenge is “how to commit P2 as a criterion concern pattern. and 2 ) how to acquire concerns and communities to see that P2 can be a tract to a new partnership between them” ( Wiant. 1997. p. 24 ) . Furthermore. the pollution bar plan is non merely a directive that is focused on preservation and saving of the natural resources. It is more directed at the sustainable care of the activities that were already started by companies and the EPA but in a larger graduated table. The certainty of the success of the plan can merely be guaranteed if all sectors of the society work manus in manus in order to accomplish a individual end which is to cut down the harm inflicted to the environment.

Another facet of the P2 plan that is really appealing is its accent on preventative steps. Its design of “reducing the emanation of toxic Pollution Prevention 2 substances into the environment. concentrating on the fabrication procedure as the point in which to command toxin emissions” is an advanced thought that will dramatically pare down the production of harmful substances. Through this attack a possible job can be addressed to its initial phase. Alternatively of utilizing the end-of-the-pipe scheme. concerns can already get down with bar during the fabrication procedure. As a consequence. monolithic amendss to the environment can be avoided and it can besides extinguish the hazard of bring downing damage to the public’s wellness. Besides. it can significantly cut down the cost for concerns in diminishing their toxic emanations. It is like hiting 2 birds in 1 rock because companies can salvage a batch of money and clip by merely implementing the P2 plan in their concern processs. By mandating concern to use the P2 plan. alterations in common concern patterns will happen. But this change would be for the overall betterment of the policies and processs of a company. Furthermore. in a community that patterns such plans. the quality of life of the people will greatly better and the relationship of coexistence between adult male and nature will go on to boom for the better ( Wiant. 1997. p. 24 ) … …

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Wiant. C. J. ( 1997 ) . What is the P2 tendency all about. and how are environmental wellness professionals involved? . Journal of Environmental Health. 59. 24.

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