POLLUTION IN DELHIDelhi, the capital city of India, home to around 16.3 millions of people, a hub of large employment opportunities and enchanting beautiful monuments, markets and famous places has lately been going through much serious environmental issues. Air pollution is hiking like anything in Delhi despite the enforcement of so many significant government measures. Delhi is the sixth most populated metropolitan cities across the globe and is heavily polluted.Delhiites are constantly breathing air full of smoke, fume, and many other poisonous gases like methane, carbon monoxide, lead, etc. and increased concentration of PM10, thereby giving rise to breathing problems like asthma, lung cancer, etc.

According to WHO, world Health Organization, Delhi is the most polluted city of the world as in May 2014. Major causes of air pollution includes the large amount of continuous vehicular and industrial emission of the poisonous gases. Crop burning by farmers and deforestation drastically rises the pollution levels too. AQI, air quality index determines the daily air quality.

Disappointingly, this has increased like a giant in the city as the alarming numbers upto 300 has been reported which falls in the category of hazardous AQI. This affects the entire pollution and can call for emergency conditions in health problems. Normally, it lies in the range of 200-250 which too falls in the unhealthy category. Not only human population, but the flora and fauna of the city are also greatly affected. So many species are extinct and endangered now. We barely spot animals at zoo and sparrows, which have had symbiotic relationship with human for the past 10,000 years are hardly sighted in the capital city. Changing lifestyle of man and the rapid development is taking away the lives of the beautiful species that exist in nature, thereby disturbing the whole ecosystem.Government even passed an order to keep the schools closed, owing to the smog and surging pollution in winters.

It came up with the Odd-even Traffic scheme and ban on sale of fireworks too. These schemes have given a little sigh of relief to delhiites. However, looking at the current alarming pollution levels these aren’t enough.

Big steps in this direction at both the government and the individual level must be taken in order to combat the problem.   

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