“Popular Culture is the new Babylon. into which so much art and mind now flows. it is our Imperial Theater. Supreme Temple of the Western Eye. We live in the age of graven images. The heathen yesteryear. ne’er dead. fires once more in our mysterious hierarchies of stardom.

” said Camille Paglia. who is an American writer. instructor.

and societal critic. Popular civilization affects adolescents negatively. because it changes the manner they of themselves. how they associate with others. and how they express features of their ripening.

Popular civilization is all around us and it influences many teens across the universe. Adolescents are affected by pop civilization in about every facet of life whether it is music. media. famous persons. manner.

and even literature. These sorts of things have become top precedence for adolescents of today’s universe. They have surrounded themselves by it and hold grown to love. even worship pop civilization. Popular civilization has existed since the beginning of clip. During every clip period it has affected the people who live in it.

impacting their ideas. growing. development and actions. Popular civilization has shaped the universe in its ain small manner.

This is still go oning today. Popular civilization exists in every civilization. altering them continuously. It besides affects the interaction between civilizations finally impacting the civilization of the universe as a whole.

An of import feature of every teenager’s ripening is her self-definition. Self-definition can be defined as the manner you see yourself. For teens.

that image is influenced to a big extent by personal picks. which are. in bend. influenced by the images and associations teens glean from pop civilization on a day-to-day footing.

Although research workers disagree on precisely the extent of these influences. For illustration. non every adolescent that listens to gangster knap self-defines as a mobster. Research workers agree that dad civilization has some impact on teenagers’ self-definition. Popular civilization can supply benchmarks with which adolescents pin their self-definition. In this manner.

they see themselves take features from the assorted famous persons and stimulations they see in pop civilization. Last. self-definition can be per se tied into self-esteem and assurance. two critical constituents of a healthy temperament throughout ripening and into maturity.

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