Pope Francis reacting on the recent child abuses in Chile askedforgiveness from the child abuse victims during his first visit to their country aspontiff.Pope expressed his grief during a ceremony at the presidential palace sayingthat “I cannot express enough the pain and shame I feel due to the irreparabledamage caused to children by those in the church”. He joined his fellowbishops in asking apologies, supporting victims and ensuring abuse doesn'thappen again. Chile’s Catholic Church had already started losing its faith since2010, when it was found to have hidden up for a well- known and powerfulpriest who used to sexually abuse minors, mostly from 11 to 14 aged in hisposh Santiago parish over decades. Rev Fernando Karadima, was eventuallysanctioned by the Vatican in 2011, but the church has yet to restore from thistragedy.People are still furious over Francis’s 2015 decision to appoint a bishop whohad been priest’s trainee. Bishop Juan Barros of Osorno has always denied thathe knew what Karadima was doing, but many Chileans had a very tough timebelieving that. ;People are leaving the church because they don't find aprotective space there,; said Juan Carlos Claret, spokesman for a group ofchurch members in Osorno that has been against Barros' appointment asBishop. “It’s not the time for apologies anymore; it’s the time for action,” said aChilean who was abused by a priest when he was a 17-year- old seminarian.”Here in Chile there are bishops who have witnessed abuse and who havecovered that up and who have abused as well and they are still in their position.The pope should remove them.” Pope said that until and unless he sees evidencethat Bishop Juan Barros was guilty in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev.Fernando Karadima, such allegations against Barros are “all calumny.”The statistics say that there are about 20,000 cases of sexual abuse in Chile eachyear. Majority of the victims are children under the age of 11. Only 10% ofcases are brought to court. As per 2017 reports there are 862 priests in Chile. AUS based database “Bishopaccountability.org” reveals the records of theaccused priests worldwide. In Chile so far 80 priests have been publicly accusedof sexually abusing minors since the year 2000. The investigations are stillgoing on.

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