Popular culture according
to John Storey is defined as culture that is left over after high culture has
been determined (Storey 16). Taylor in 1981 defined culture as the complex
wholeincluding of art, morals, customs and laws among other habits . This
describes high culture while popular culture is seen as a low culture which has
its basis on mass production, marketing and revenue. It is made accessible to
masses compared to high culture which is only for several individuals. Popular
culture affects every individual in the world differently (Storey 16). In music
for example, popular culture is blamed for making the young people who listen
to this music idolize the musicians and even start copying what they do regardless
of what society they live in. Popular culture is accessible to everyone since
it is dominated by films and recorded music which is popular.

            There is a lot of relevance and importance in studying
popular culture since it is what makes and unites a community of people. It
reveals who the people are and what they believe in, it also shows the external
and internal factors that affect the people within a community and how these
factors influence the lives of these people on a daily basis. Studying popular
culture reveals the most interesting thing about a whole community, their
beliefs, memories and dreams. This paper focuses on refuting the statement that
popular culture is mere entertainment. Popular culture has displayed both
positive and negative influences on a population. Here this essay focus on the
influences that popular culture has had on society (Irwin, 171). Among them
includes increased violence, and creativity.

            In the zoot- suit and style warfare, the media played the
role of informing people against the dangers of the zoot-suit gang. The riots
spread in California and the media got influenced too. The zoot-suit acted as
an identifier for people who were followers of the Chicano culture. The youths
wore these suits to identify themselves in that age where they were denied a voice.
Newspaper articles and the government bodies wrote about the causes of the
riots and determined their motivation and effects. The suit led to the growth of a new culture, they wore a
common hairstyle, spoke in a particular way.

            Popular culture is not just mere entertainment, but also
a means of maintaining artefacts of subcultural groups, upholding traditional customs
while it also encourages communities to sustain their culture and custom practices.
In other places, popular culture has been used to discourage some practices and
spell out practices that are considered unacceptable within a community (Irwin

            While it provides entertainment to people of different
communities, it allows them to learn about other people’s beliefs, ideas,
patterns of behavior and values. This allows for easier interaction and growth
in understanding of each other for different people. In some cases, religion,
ethnic identity and popular culture are intertwined hence causing confusion to
those outside that community (Toner 76).

            In order to reveal the truth about assumptions that are
made towards the moral construct, power structure and philosophy of a certain
society, it is important to pay close attention to the popular culture produced
by that societyConboy 25). Popular culture tends to bring people with common interests
together. They can work together to better themselves and create memories while

            With the developments
in mass media, comes the access to world issues and trends such as fashion and
language. The mass media has become a globalizing effect, throughthe world
becomes linked. People change their behavior and attitudes as much as new media’s
come into existence (Lanham 24).Television especially has been the center of popular culture
since it airs every little detail that comes up as soon as it does. Our
identities get changed due to the kind of exposure we get from the media.

            In the riot Grrrl, the
music culture had been pop music. It was a network connecting people in the
music industry, both men and women.The riot emerged since women in the industry
were underrepresented and there was need for developing and forming a movement
that would help them own the stage (Sellnow 139).The role of the media during those days
was big and the fans also had an opportunity to participate in the issue. The
riot made a very great impact on the view of women who were in music.Subcultures
emerged during this riots and the bands availed themselves for their fans to
ensure that they could respond to myths people had about them ((Irwin

            In conclusion, popular
culture is very important everyone views it differently by each individual.
When studied well, people can analyze which of its potential negative effects
and avoid them. Popular culture can be used to shape the thoughts and people’s
point of view on how they assume it should be. 
Studying popular culture is important since it allows people to remove
the assumptions that have been made. It brings many people together especially
those that have a common interest and helps them to find out better ways of
doing them. Even though it has so many positive effects on society, it
important that the people put into consideration the negative influences it may
have. It comprises of very many aspects of the human lives. Popular culture is
also the low culture which accessible to everyone while the opposite is high
culture which is only reserved to only very few individuals. It allows
individuals to learn about other people’s values, beliefs, customs and laws

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