Position PaperCommittee: Special summit on globalizationTopic: GlobalizationCountry: Slovenia School: Cambridge International School, Dubai A focus on digitization The use of ICT and the internet is crucial for Slovenia to become anadvanced digital society and approach environmental issues through advanceddigital methods.Slovenia proposes adoption of  ajoint declaration In order to seize development opportunities enabled by theinternet, Slovenia will invest and operate in three fields in the futuredevelopment period. ·        internetas technological platform: – increased investments in the ICT field support forthe development and higher competitiveness of the internet industry, – introducingencouraging environments for internet startups using cloud computing models inpublic administration-         Introductionof user friendly services of E- identity through use of biometric technology·        Identifyingand responding to IT trends allowing implementation of innovative methods inusing digital technology, –         promotionof the use of open-source technological solutions with a view to strengtheninginformation independence and competitiveness.

·        internetas communication network: – providing a good level of network service quality-         improvementof mobile networks and internet through the use of 4G and 5G technology,promising high cyber security and maintaining privacy·        internetfor the development of society and economy: Improving digital literacy rate inthe country·        In orderto seize development opportunities enabled by the internet, Slovenia willinvest and operate in three fields in the future development period.·        internetas technological platform development of internet to ensure higher competitiveness·        Providingsupportive environments for IT startups-         Usingcloud computing models in public administration-         fasteridentification of IT trends and establishment of frameworks enabling use ofinnovation approaches in digital technology ·        internetas communication network: – provision of an appropriate level of network andservice quality, – ensuring ahigh level of cyber security, ensuring privacy. –         improvingdigital literacy in the country-         supportand promote use of digital content of high quality and e services in Slovenia·        Improvementof digital language technology enabling population to use it and promoting useof digital technology.DIGITAL SLOVENIA 2020 – Development strategy for the information societyuntil 2020Slovenia will continue to promote the development of the televisionterrestrial broadcasting, especially the transition to the transfer of TVsignals of higher quality. Slovenia will promote the development andintroduction of advances services by integrating the capacities of digitalbroadcasting, IP TV and the internet ·        Draftingof the Next-Generation Broadband Network Development Plan until 2020 aims toprovide broadband internet with minimum speeds of 100MB/s to 96% of Slovenia’shouseholds, and 30MB/s to other households·        Provisionof 1GB/s connection to educational institutions ·        Thenumber of gray areas will be known after the testing of market interest anddata analysis. If a lack of market interest occurs in the execution of broadbandinfrastructure and the resulting monetary gap for the necessary-financing from communityfunds, the state shall provide the lacking resources.

If resources cannot beprovided, the plans shall be adapted by shifting the margin between the topographicalsegments further to the urban areas with higher population density thus broadeningthe geographical section of low population density and narrow the segment ofhigh population density. Testing of market interest for speeds of 30 Mb/s shallbe repeated in the areas that were moved. ·        Co-financingpublic and private partnership for the construction of broadband infrastructurein areas where access to broadband electronic communications services is notprovided by operators and where no market interest for their provision has beenshown. ·        Promotinginvestments in broadband infrastructure concerning the reduction of costs ofbroadband infrastructure construction. ·        Establishmentof added sections in the radio spectrum for mobile communication networks toprovide mobile access to the internet as a complementary communication service.·        Promotionof the introduction of transmission of TV signals of higher definition (HDTVand UHD TV) in the terrestrial digital broadcasting network by introducing theDVB-T2 technology.

·        introductionpromotion and development of advanced services by assimilating the capacitiesof digital broadcasting, IP TV and the internet (Hbb TV, themed radioprogrammes, etc.).In order to develop a data-driven economy and innovative services,Slovenia shall: ·        formulateits own technologies, digital structures and knowledge, ·        systematicallydevelop its sources of public data, infrastructure for their exchange and use,and infrastructure for facilitating development,·        Continuethe development of a national computer cloud,·        Developdigital infrastructure for open research and public data,, ·        Increasepublic research and innovations towards technological, legal and other blockages,·        Establisha motivating development environment for interoperability, data protection,consumer protection, network safety, intellectual property, regulativestability, establishment of trust of consumers in data technologies) byadapting the legal framework and development policies, ·        Implementdigitization of the private sector, entrepreneurship, enterprises and factories·        carry outthe digitization of enterprises, public administration and the non-governmentalsector in order to increase their effectiveness, competitiveness, accessibilityand transparency, ·        usepublic tracking down to market a speedy transition of results of datatechnologies to the market,

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