Herborist determined high-end placement in the market from the beginning. and therefore formed a complete set of brand-building system. utilize the herbal beauty theory construct as nucleus feature. with “store + Spa + counter” three selling web. member activities and member publications as the bearer to set up client relationships.

They besides combined fresh and natural factors. extremely China civilization and advertisement manner.Section of clients: ( for Europe: France and Italia )The respondents are divided into four age groups. The division of age group is based on the state of affairs of their tegument. Young people under 17 old ages need merely basic decorative attention for their teguments. The people at the age group from 18 to 25 old ages need deep decorative attention for their tegument because their tegument is altering to maturate tegument.

The ages from 26 to 35 demand deeper decorative attention because their tegument already needs particular intervention to keep vernal visual aspect. The ages over 36 old ages old need overall decorative attention to forestall any amendss caused by turning old. The study consequences show the chief age groups of respondents are the age covering from 18 to 25 and from 26 to 35.

in which the figure of respondents is 151 and 187. Following age group is over 36 old ages old and the figure of respondents is 98. And the figure of respondents in age group under 17 is 20. This chart shows that the chief age groups of respondents are the age covering from 18 to 25 and from 26 to 35. So the immature and the middle-aged people pay more attending to cosmetics merchandises than other age groups. They are the chief consumer group for decorative industry. Therefore.

they could be the mark client group for Herborist.These figures can assist to happen out the possible consumers’ mean monthly incomes and it would be utile for Herborist to do sensible merchandise monetary value.The consequences show that the most common topographic points to purchase the cosmetics are cosmetics counters and supermarkets which have individually 145 and 137 respondents. 21 per centum of respondents chose trade name mercantile establishment shops with the figure of 98.

53 respondents chose cyberspace and 23 respondents chose trade good sweeping market. Compared with old figures. there is no difference between different genders in taking the topographic point for purchasing decorative merchandises. The purchasing behaviour of different age groups varies to some extent because some immature people prefer to purchase cosmetics from cyberspace.The respondents which have used Chinese herbal medical specialty cosmetics before are largely middle-aged people with high income.

There are besides some immature people who bought Herborist merchandises harmonizing to their friends’ recommendation. It shows that. Herborist still has a large potency market to widen because merely a few people who have used Chinese herbal medical specialty cosmetics before. However. because of the same ground. it will be a challenge for Herborist to increase their trade name consciousness and to pull more people to utilize Chinese herbal medical specialty cosmetics.The statistics show that there are many people who are interested in Herborist merchandises. Among these.

immature respondents are more interested in Herborist merchandises than in-between aged and older people. Finally there is no difference between work forces and adult females.The feedback shows that. immature people would wish to acquire the information from magazines and cyberspace. Middle- aged respondents refer to acquire the information from Television advertisement and gross revenues publicity.

The purpose of this inquiry is to assist Herborist to happen out their chief gross revenues channels.From the feedback of the inquiry. most immature people chose ?Beauty salon and lectures? and tonss of middle-age people chose ?Promotion activities? . It requires Herborist wage more attending on after-sales service to pull more clients. Promotion activities and beauty salon and talks will be good picks.Feedback:Through comprehensive analysis of the questionnaires’ feedback.

several decisions can be summarized as the basic information for Herborist’s international selling scheme: 1 ) Target consumers: the mark consumers for Herborist are from 17 to 40 year- old female. with in-between flat income. 2 ) Gross saless channel: most consumers buy cosmetics from decorative counters in the section shops or supermarkets. 3 ) Price place: the acceptable monetary value is between 5 and 20 euro for 100ml. 4 ) Channelss for sale publicity: most consumers would wish to acquire information on Herborist from cyberspace. magazine and Television advertisement. 5 ) Key factors on sale publicity: harmonizing to the feedback.

it can be concluded some factors which may impact gross revenues publicity. that is. effectivity of the merchandises. monetary value and trade name repute.As Herborist does non hold the ability to develop concern in really many European states at the same clip. market cleavage seems of import at present. Because Herborist has already developed its concern in France.

it has a certain trade name repute and consumer base at that place. France can be recommended as Herborist’s European market centre. Herborist should use new gross revenues channel to consolidate the Gallic market. On the other manus. besides neighbouring states be considered.

such as Italy.From the SWOT analysis we can reason as follows:1 ) Herborist should take a firm stand counter plus shop plus SPA channel every bit good as apply Chinese civilization in order to make a alone trade name manner. 2 ) Herborist should do good usage of their professional research and development squad to develop advanced cosmetics and run into the assorted demands of consumer. 3 ) Herborist has to develop a new gross revenues channel and separate from Sephora. 4 ) Equally shortly as Herborist has certain foundation in France. it can believe about utilizing France as their European market centre.

Merely by holding a fixed client base they have opportunity to spread out measure by measure.

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