Philip K. Dick leads his readers into understanding the relationship between humanity and the environment and how alterations when humanity is struck with hardship. It is asserted that the human status will go on to put importance on stuff ownerships. although society and the ownership itself changes in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ” by Philip K.

Dick. In the fresh “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ” by Philip K. Dick the lone worlds left populating on Earth are able to turn out superior societal position with the ownership of an reliable animate being. The proprietors begin a relationship with animate beings because they symbolize what’s left of mother-nature in which heightens an individual’s rank.

The supporter in the novel is Rick Deckard who is known as a premium huntsman. Since there is small life on Earth he owns an electric sheep. but his neighbour Bill Barbour owns a Percheron Colt. In the fresh Deckard beliefs: Worlds are able to radiate their societal position through life animate beings.In the novel having an animate being is indispensable because there rare and important in comparing to modern times when we take animate beings for granted. One of the chief subjects in the novel is empathy and they seem to merely hold it towards animate beings. Since they have killed off perchance all populating things they are seeking to hold on the small life left on Earth. Having the ownership of a existent animate being is seen as an economic addition.

Rick Deckard is non excessively fond of his electric sheep because it’s non existent and he does non experience he could experience empathy for and electric sheep. : The wake of World War Terminius has made every character value the little things in life. Rick says he wants more than a domestic pet he says. “I want what I originally had. a big animate being. A sheep.

or if I can’t acquire the money. a cow or a tip or what have. a Equus caballus.

” ( 14 ) He will non settle for less. he wants something he could be proud of and have to showcase merely like his neighbour Barbour that owns a existent entire. This facet of the novel shows human relationship to the environment merely exists due to the impairment of carnal life.If it were non for the limited life animate being fortunes so possibly worlds would non hold empathy for the animate beings. It is evident that they did non take safeguard before the war since they did non recognize the harm of the war would endanger the environment ecosystem. So much so that Rick provinces. “having two animate beings is more immoral than non holding any.

” ( 10 ) This shows how limited existent life animate beings are in 2021 and that no 1 should hold more than one. Some people are unable to at least have one and Rick’s neighbour was sing holding two. Deckard is bothered by his neighbor’s hoggishness to desire more than one existent animate being. Particularly after the fact that Ricks expresses to how he wishes he could have a existent animate being. This besides shows how people have become one for one.

They seem to hold lot the possibility to care for one another throughout the novel. what is of import now is their societal position. This fresh attempts to direct a message early on about the importance of our precedences as worlds.American values have shifted over the old ages.

Harmonizing to an article on PBS called The Rise of American Consumerism it states “After World War II. consumer disbursement no longer intend merely fulfilling an indulgent stuff desire. In fact. the American consumer was praised as a loyal citizen in the 1950’s. lending to the ultimate success of the American manner of life.

” Spending on material goods was more than merely a privation it was a manner of life. Americans at this clip were acquiring over the depression and so one time the economic system began to lift so did there disbursement wonts. The job was non that they were passing but they were over disbursement on everything and anything.

Since so the manner that Americans spend has merely increased.In the fresh Philip K Dick writes from the hereafter and shows the horrid side to the ways of Americans. and the result of human’s values. Dick challenges our perceptual experience towards humanity and carnal life and convinces to do carnal being a precedence.

Throughout the fresh Rick Deckard is portrayed in different positions. Deckard is truly motivated as a premium huntsman. so he retires humanoids for a life and he depends on his income in order to buy an animate being. This reflects that the novel is relevant to American consumerism and how we look frontward for a better economic position. In the novel. Animal consumerism is cardinal.

but non to devour to foster and protect. And Americans are so common to consumerism that they well buy anything and eat anything.That being said. we as Americans tend to be careless about what arrives on our dinner plates without recognizing that it was one time a living thing. Dick’s fresh brings consciousness to our mentality that we should admit the value of things alternatively of doing them secondary and pretermiting them. Its chief focal point is to give importance to fuss “nature” .

Ideas that are claimed throughout this novel are really coincident to present clip. The thought of empathy and how worlds must experience alive through other living things is really powerful. Owning a existent unrecorded animate being most surely is a manner to maintain worlds grounded. Phillip K. Dick gives a theoretical statement on how we as human existences should give more acknowledgment towards life values. or fix to pay effects that will take to carnal deficit.Work CitedEwe Robot: ‘Philip K.

Dick and Philosophy’ Academia. edu. Anthology ‘Philip K. Dick and Philosophy’ .

24 May 2011. Web. 20 Apr. 2014.Dick. Philip K. . and Philip K.

Dick. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? New York: Ballantine. 1996. Print.

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