Medical Assistant profession is merely known in Malaysia. It is portion of the medical profession creates by the Ministry of Health. Malaysia in the 1960ss to get the better of the deficit of medical officer in the state. We need to travel through three old ages developing plan conducted by our Ministry of Health in order to be a qualified as a Medical Assistant. My forte is in Emergency and Trauma attention direction. with 16 old ages working experiences in the Emergency Department ( ETD ) and presently attached to the ETD in one of the infirmary located in cardinal part.

In this assignment I will discourse and research how pattern sphere can help in acquisition every bit good to place the acquisition chance available for scholars and how I integrate my professional function to develop wellness attention profession competence. My focal point will be on the factors of physical and societal clime and how does it impact larning in my pattern sphere. Based on the theories of humanitarianism and Androgogy comparison with the construct suggested in the literature. I will come with my recommendation on how I am traveling to advance my pattern arena into a more contributing acquisition environment.

There are few factors or component that can impact or act upon learning environment. The most of import elements are physical environment. societal clime and acquisition chances ( Ministry of Health Malaysia. 2006 ) that I am concentrating now. Discoursing about the physical component. resources are among thing that we should considered within the arrangement. Ileris ( 2011 ) claimed the assortment of chance and state of affairs offer to scholars is the most important factors act uponing the quality of pattern sphere as 1 larning environment.

He farther quotes that difference type of workplace offer different larning environment with different larning chance. The exigency and injury section or my pattern arena cover one whole block and the installations and services available embracing a broad scope of emergent injury and non trauma status. from the critically ailment or badly injured to those with minor complaint. The range include pre infirmary attention services. resuscitation and stabilization. diagnosing and unequivocal attention direction. one halt crisis Centre and medical coverage. The installations available are spliting into zone runing from a critical to a non critical zone where patient direction are triage harmonizing to the badness of unwellness.

There are three chief zones. one observation bay equipped with 5 beds. a process room for minor surgical processs and a sterilization unit for roll uping and having unfertile point from the cardinal sterilization section. Each zone or intervention countries are equipped with standard equipment for it functionalities inclusive of an exigency streetcar. cardiac proctor and defibrillators. portable ventilators and airway direction. skiagraphy machine. extremist sound machine. EKG. icebox and blood analyzer machine. It provide a broad scope of larning chance to scholars and pupils to develops their accomplishments. cognition and apprehension of the function and map with the administration ( Evan et. Al. 2006 ) .

However all these equipment needs forte and accomplishments to be operates and 2 scholars need period of clip to acquire familiar with the equipment. The section demand to direct scholars for user preparation and classs before they can manage the machine. My pattern sphere is amongst the busiest topographic point in the infirmary compound. Even worse when confronting the incidence of mass casualties where every staffs busy with their ain undertaking. However it doesn’t mean that they have no clip with the scholar.

They are really a good function theoretical account for learner where they can work and larn at the same clip. They are willing to portions their on the job experience. accomplishments. cognition and thoughts with pupil or scholars even though they are really with their undertakings. In fact helter-skelter working environment is rich for larning because of big volume of patient of changing sharp-sightedness and scholar will take duty of their ain acquisition. placing spread in cognition. seeing feedback and working toward shuting these spread. ( Goldman et. Al. 2009 ) Every zone is to the full air conditioning and furnished with patient’s beds. streetcars and wheelchairs. We besides have an entree to internet and intranet where Learners will hold the chance to entree the heath information system. interaction between the teachers and every bit good among scholars as it is the cardinal point for good pattern and larning outlook for each country ( Severs and Pearson. 1999 ) . ( Ileris. 2011 ) .

But there are restrictions as some of the equipment and installations merely can be use by professional and adept and the usage of cyberspace has been block by the direction from being entree in an improper manner and merely involved with certain web site. this may take to defeat and struggle to extensive usage in workplace acquisition ( Ileris. 2011 ) . We besides 3 have learning room or a seminar room with choice of books. diary and press release available which is accessible to scholars. Apart from the installations above my arrangement sphere besides have 2 unit of type A. 3 unit of type B and 5 unit of type C ambulances. They are all equipped with standard equipment and besides nexus by the wireless communicating services.

In order to be portion of the ambulance services squad. learner demand to undergo basic preparation on the basic equipment available inside the ambulance and how to utilize wireless communicating system. They are attached with qualified forces as a wise man who is in charge of the ambulance services. For the convenience of every staffs. pupil and even public. my placement sphere offer first-class installations such as remainder room with telecasting set. tea room and larder. accessible wash room and lavatory. exigency fire issue with fire asphyxiator and waiting country provided with chairs and line up figure system.

Quinn ( 2007 ) states that this basic demands make scholar experience secure and comfy and enable them to concentrate in their acquisition. Nevertheless my placement country doesn’t have any accomplishment research lab where pupil can pattern their accomplishments and cognition. However the higher direction has planned to put it up in few old ages clip for the benefit of all parties. 4 My pattern sphere offer a arrangement for pupil nurses. freshly graduates medical helper and medical pupils making their internships and housemanship plan from the nearby colleges and higher establishment. In fact the installations has been gazetted as one of the learning infirmary by the authorities and the Ministry of Health Malaysia as a whole.

Learners and pupil will necessitate to be introduced to the new environment to acquire them off to a good start by set uping a sense of belonging. making a welcoming acquisition environment. providing information that will reply their inquiry and taking any uncertainnesss once they reporting themselves for the arrangement. Gopee ( 2008 ) stated this as an indispensable and effectual when new experience are linked to prior cognition where it get down with familiarization with the clinical scene. clinical specialism. acquire to cognize with wise man and staffs and experiencing that they are portion of the squad inorder to run into the acquisition demands and accomplishment of their pattern aim.

The handiness of the multidisciplinary staffs runing from the higher degree direction and clinician to a well trained paramedics ( Goppe. 2008 ) organize the footing of inter- professional acquisition and will be an advantage for the pupil to learned and adopted as their function theoretical account and wise mans. West et. Al ( 2007 ) highlight that the pattern is non merely the environment where services is delivered to client but besides a learning country where hereafter and qualified practioner continually use the chance provide to them as an experience to ease their professional development.

5 It is an attempt of every forces to make the pattern sphere into an interesting and contributing topographic point to larn. Fox ( 2009 ) describe larning environment as a topographic point or puting where larning occur. This include physical scene. interpersonal and instructional feature that influence learner’s public presentation. The nature of larning environment is of import in set uping an expansive acquisition country ( Evan et. Al. 2006 ) but erstwhile it is hard to accomplish as to some leader it is non a precedence and hence there must be a balance against precedence in order to better acquisition.

Hand ( 2006 ) suggest that arrangement should be of higher quality accompanied by improved learning support to assist pupil derive better practical accomplishments. But a high criterion ward with stiff undertaking allotment. with hierarchal system exist are improbable to run into pupil larning demands ( Fretwell. 1980 ) Relationship between director and subsidiaries and frailty versa is another of import facet of societal clime in larning environment.

Hand ( 2006 ) stated that common regard. integrated and valued pupil. manager’s committedness. synergistic communicating. motivated employers. supportiveness and openness are among the component that lending to a contributing acquisition environment. Chan ( 2001 ) highlight that inter forces relationship between staffs are important in order to develop a positive acquisition environment. Hand ( 2006 ) described the relationship between instructor and scholar must be echt. non- threatening. enduring relationship and promote learner to give feedback in order to advance acquisition and Nolan ( 1998 ) found out that larning desire will cut down without supportive from larning sphere. 6 My unit director is really supportive and committed individual. caring attitude and openness particularly toward professional development. friendly. accessible and knowing.

He motivates the staffs by directing them for classs. workshops and seminar to upgrade their accomplishments and cognition. guidance and indirectly profit pupil arrangement in the countries. I believe he is a function theoretical account in my arrangement countries. The success and autumn of the arrangement as a contributing acquisition arena depend on the direction. leading manner and the relationship which exist between the people. the director and the ends in the administration ( Weir et. Al. 2010 ) . Inorder to develop a positive acquisition environment. there must be a positive direction manner and interpersonal relationship among director. staffs and scholar. Fretwell ( 1988 ) . Pembrey ( 1988 ) described ward director as a cardinal figure in the administration in set uping and keeping a ward atmosphere contributing acquisition environment and patient attention environment every bit good.

Practice country larning are largely student centred larning where scholar and pupil demands to participates and involve themselves in the activities design in the pattern country. Self consciousness is hence really of import and Cook ( 1999 ) . reference that many nurses educationist are focused on ego consciousness to acquire the acquisition chance in the pattern country. In this manner pupil are able to do opinion of their ain and place their strength and failing in consistent to andragogy attack as ego appraisal which help them to develop consciousness of their ain criterion of pattern ( Chambers. 1998 ) . This can be in the signifier of formal and informal acquisition activities. In my placement country. pupil or scholars will hold the chance to affect themselves in 7 treatment. instance presentation. in house classs and uninterrupted medical instruction which is plan hebdomadally for every qualified forces.

For pre enrollment pupil this is a good opportunity to acquire new thoughts. cognition and accomplishments and for station enrollment it is professional refreshment. Spouse ( 2001 ) clarified that cognition rapidly become outdated as rapid gait of engineering and to be more effectual this uninterrupted professional development should be carried out under the counsel of experience and knowing co-workers with the grounds of attendings. The coaction of one section with other administration and between unit and subdivision in the section should be considered as one of the factors that act uponing the proviso of good experience within the arrangement. This is because exchange and sharing of thoughts between these two different administrations happened to accomplish the same end.

We have been discussed many factors act uponing acquisition in my pattern puting such as physical environment. societal clime and larning chances available in my pattern scene and this will decidedly give a better end product toward larning environment in the arrangement sphere. Although I have identified many of the acquisition chances but there are some restriction on the execution particularly on the resources. I have made some recommendation to be conveying frontward to better the arrangement sphere in future. I believe that this can be fulfils if the higher degree direction. developing establishment. wise mans as good learners themselves is truly committed to do alterations toward the excellence acquisition environment. To do the procedure traveling swimmingly everybody should take parts and dramas their function consequently.

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