Precious is a miss who is so diffident and shut down. She is really quiet to the point that she barely speaks to anyone and is about illiterate. As the narrative is told.

she conceives a kid from a colza that occurred to her. Cherished attempts her really best to suit in with others. but as she struggles in school is treated with mocking inhuman treatment.

She is a miss evidently in a batch of hurting and shame. Even though her female parent is ever angry her she vows to merrily happen her intent in life. She feels that she can positively do a life for herself with the aid she found in a counsellor who treats her with regard and to the full understands her hurting and agony.

This is such an astonishing actress who has strongly done a singular movie. I truly recommend those immature misss who are traveling through the same state of affairs to see this wondrous done movie.Second paragraphI have to compare my life as the 2nd paragraph to the first. because I can associate to the worse of state of affairs that Cherished went through in her life. In my life I have felt like Precious ne’er holding that feeling of being the sweetest individual. I ever felt cheaper that most misss. It was a difficult life to populate. but as I got older I became wiser and I felt as though I was the luckiest miss to hold survived such an ordeal.

Sometimes life ne’er paints the pretty image of the life we would wish to hold unrecorded. but being determine and holding the religion to last is the most powerful thing anyone can hold. I have a boy and a girl and I vowed to be a strong ma for them.

I have two of the smartest childs a ma can hold and because of them I live a joyous life.

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