1. How did you construe the job?
When I foremost looked at the job I interpreted it to be really tough. It did non look like it was traveling to be rapidly achieved with any thought procedure. I followed the first measure in work outing a job. Harmonizing to Morris and Maisto ( 2010 ) . this measure is called job representation. This means to construe or specify the job. I knew the job was to acquire all three animate beings to the other side without go forthing certain animate beings by themselves. There was non a manner to come up with multiple solutions to this job. This type of thought is called divergent thought. which states the believing meets the standards of originality. ingeniousness. and flexibleness ( Morris & A ; Maisto. 2010 ) . In this simulation. there is merely one manner to work out the job. this thought procedure is called convergent thought. Convergent thought is believing that is directed toward one right solution to a job ( Morris & A ; Maisto. 2010 ) .

2. What scheme did you usage and how did you measure your advancement? My first scheme that I ab initio started with was test and mistake. This normally is a good pick when there are non many points to choose from. This did non work every bit good as I thought it would. I knew this job sounded familiar to me so I tried information retrieval. Information retrieval is when an effort is made to utilize long-run memory to seek and work out the job. I could non retrieve the fast one to the job. So I used heuristics. which proved to be successful. With hill mounting technique. I was able to measure my advancement. I did this by maintaining path of where I was puting the animate beings. and logging efforts that were non successful. 3. Did you encounter any obstructions while work outing the job? With the usage of test and mistake I did run into obstructions. My mental set was focused on merely one manner of work outing the job. Mental set is the inclination to comprehend and to near jobs in a certain manner ( Morris & A ; Maisto. 2010 ) . I continued exchanging animate being to animate being and acquiring no where with the job.

When I noticed I was meeting functional stationariness. This is the inclination to comprehend merely a limited figure of utilizations for an object. therefore interfering with the procedure of job resolution ( Morris & A ; Maisto. 2012 ) . Once I realized I was able to direct the cat back on the raft. cubic decimeter was able to work out the job much faster. 4. Were you aware of this thought procedure as you worked through the job? During the beginning of the job I was non cognizant of the idea procedure that I was traveling through. I worked on the simulation prior to reading the chapter like I should hold done. I decided to halt after acquiring confused on the job. and decided the reply had to be in the reading. The chapter was a utile tool and proved to be successful. Once I was able to read the thought procedure I should be prosecuting the job with. I went back and attempted it once more. With the utile tactics. and helpful notes along my procedure. I was able to work out the job much easier.

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Morris. C. G. . & A ; Maisto. A. A. ( 2010 ) . Understanding psychological science ( 9th ed. ) . Upper Saddle River.

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