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This is one of the most normally asked inquiries and deserves an honest reply.

Below is foremost a short reply so a more thorough reply. There are three things we need

to see when replying the starlight inquiry.

1. Scientists can non mensurate distances beyond 100 light old ages accurately.

2. No 1 knows what visible radiation is or that it ever travels the same velocity throughout all clip,

infinite and affair.

3. The creative activity was finished or maturate when God made it. Adam was adult, the trees had

fruit on them, the starlight was seeable, etc.

Let me lucubrate on these 3 points.

The farthest accurate distance adult male can mensurate is 20 light old ages ( some text editions

state up to 100 ) , non several billion light old ages. Man measures leading distances utilizing parallax

trigonometry. By taking two mensurable observation points and doing

an fanciful trigon to a 3rd point, and utilizing simple trigonometry, adult male uses points available are the places of the Earth in solar orbit six months

apart, say June and December. This would be a base for our fanciful

trigon of 186,000,000 stat mis or 16 light proceedingss. There are 525,948

proceedingss in a twelvemonth. Even if the nearest star were merely one light twelvemonth off

( and it isn? T ) , the angle at the 3rd point steps.017 grades. In simpler

footings, a trigon like this would be the same angle two surveyors would

see if they were standing 16 inches apart and concentrating on a 3rd point

8.24 stat mis off. If they stayed 16 inches apart and focused on a point 824

stat mis off, they would hold the same angle as an uranologist measurement

a point 100 light old ages off. A point 5 million old ages off is impossible to

figure with trigonometry. The stars may be that far off but modern adult male

has no manner of mensurating those great distances. No 1 can province

definitively the distance to the stars. The stars may so be one million millions of light old ages off, but adult male can non mensurate those distances.

Several other methods such as brightness and ruddy displacement are employed to seek to think a

T greater distances but all such methods have serious jobs and premises involved. None of them account, nevertheless, for why a rabid small weasel like

Kent Hovind would reason this, or why a pupil would copy a paper off of a bad essay site like this one.

For a more complex and somewhat different reply to the star light inquiry from a Christian position, see the book Starlight and Time by Russell Humphry available from

Second, the velocity of visible radiation may non be a changeless. It does vary in different media ( hence the rainbow consequence of visible radiation traveling through a prism ) and may

vary in different topographic points in infinite. Of class, Kent Hovind is a crank, but this is his copied essay, so we & # 8217 ; ll run with the thought. The full thought behind the black hole theory is that visible radiation can be attracted by gravitation and be unable to get away the

great pull of these fanciful black holes. No 1 knows what visible radiation is let entirely that it? s speed has been the same all through clip and infinite. Since atomic redstem storksbills use the wavelength of the Cesium 133 atom as a

criterion of clip, if the velocity of visible radiation is disintegrating, the clock would be altering at the same rate and therefore non be noticed.

Third, the creative activity history provinces that God made light before He made the Sun, Moon, or stars. The remainder of creative activity was mature, so starlight was

likely mature at creative activity every bit good. A unusual impression, but so, this is a copied essay, so I will travel with what it says. I would inquire the inquiry, How old was Adam when God made him? Obviously he was zero old ages old. But how old

did he look? He was a adult adult male. The trees were adult with fruit on them the first twenty-four hours they were made. The creative activity had to be that manner ; it

would non work otherwise. Stars and their visible radiation were made at the same clip. The God that I worship is non limited by anything affecting clip,

infinite or affair.

Finally, I would besides wish to indicate out that the evolutionists have no reply to the basic inquiries like ; Where did the original affair infinite and

energy come from for the stars? I suspect God built the existence so we would state & # 8220 ; Wow! & # 8221 ; When we see the stars we should be reminded of the

glorification of God non development. See Psalms 8.

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