Developing Ethical Practice

Part I

In any industry. concern or work. morality is a sensitive issue that needs to be personally and professionally addressed. Persons have moral strong beliefs every bit much as companies have their moral values where normally their corporate civilization is based. Thus. T is of import for companies to look at their moral background as this will act upon the moral values of their employees. Equally. employees should portion the right moral values for their company and co-workers.

Yet where before professional development revolved around preparations and educational accomplishments for a individual to be able to impel frontward in his calling. today professional development embodies different facets of growing. Apart from developing. professional development now requires end puting. research. action programs. betterments. and a ceaseless acquisition procedure. Each one is a pre-requisite of the other to measure up that a individual is truly turning professionally and developing in his chosen industry. Moral values are built-in facets of this. ( Litke. 1996 )

Before. planning is a occupation for house decision makers. They dictate where the company is traveling. and where the people in it go every bit good. This exemplifies how the values of a company aid determine the single values of the employees. This has widely changed. Effective planning is now a personal determination of the employees. It is now their privilege. Therefore. moral values have now become an single pick every bit good. In consequence. these single moralss make up the moralss in which the company dwells in. ( Rennekamp. neodymium )


My instructions influenced my ethical upbringing in a assortment of ways. Throughout my school old ages. I had my portion of challenges on my moral and ethical values. Specifically. interaction with other pupils tested my ability to continue my ethical beliefs. While other pupils indulge in what can be considered signifiers of rip offing. speech production ailment about others. and the likes. I tried my best to avoid making such. It is undeniable that it is non merely one time when I experienced such happenings. There were besides times when I failed contending these enticements. Yet most significantly. those experiences taught me the value of friendly relationship and camaraderie—when it is right and incorrect. honestness. self-respect. and strength of values.

Education has been a large portion of my ethical development. My formal instruction and preparation where get downing points on the manner I performed and moved through my calling. I received my professional enfranchisement upon go throughing the licensure scrutiny of Canada in 1991. the same twelvemonth after having my sheepskin in Associate Humanistic disciplines in Nursing. Besides in the same twelvemonth I was employed as a clinical nurse for the medical respiratory-cardiac unit of a infirmary until 1994. After this assignment I received a place as a critical attention nurse in an intensive attention unit. Until now. I have been managing this type of occupation for intensive attention units while besides keeping a place as an e-Nurse. All these functions challenge my morality every twenty-four hours. All of these besides create new ethical rules to populate by.

Yet school was besides the 1 who started on constructing the foundation for good moral values. Teachers and teachers every bit good as animating wise mans who exhibit impressive values and proper moralss in their work and in their categories are the forefront ways in which pupils like me learned good values. I believe that if pupils did non larn. so the instructors did non learn. If instructors are able to promote their pupils to make and state the right things through deliberate didactic instruction and through pattern and good illustration. so pupils will hold a good moral foundation that they will transport on at work. Fortunately. my educational experience provided me this.

Work environment

At work. moral values are continually put to a trial every bit good. Colleagues who are practising unethical determinations at work are rampant. Patients and clients may besides promote unethical patterns if its terminal favours them. At these times. the moralss I learned from school. from wise mans. and from my co-workers during the times that I was still in school Teachs the right thing to make. It takes analysis to make up one’s mind how to travel about the state of affairs. but the bedrock values one learns will ever reign.

In the few cases when enticement to make the immoral and unethical was excessively strong. the inspiration of ethical people at work besides helps. When there are people in my side blessing of the right action that I want to take. it is easier to take what is right from incorrect. In the same manner. when more people choose what is incorrect. it is harder to indulge on what is right. It takes rooted values to contend these enticements.

As a nurse. though. it is easy to take the ethical. Varcoe et Al. explains that because nurses are moral agents. their pattern of moralss and values become more of import than with other professions. ( Module 4A. page 7 ) When a nurse knows this. it is harder for him to take things that are contrary to what values dictate. Being ethical is ever the thing to make.

This outlook on me as a nurse created a civilization of moral. ethical. and virtue-driven focal point. Thus. I have instilled in me a deep apprehension of the values I have to set about in my function as a nurse and in puting my precedences in and out of my profession. This created an individuality that is alone to me. brought about by the many influences that I receive in my pattern. Doane proves this. He states that individuality emerges from a series of societal dealingss. Therefore. people learn their values by listening or stating narratives on how one has been moral or immoral in his actions. ( Module 4A. page 8. 10 )

Doanne states that nurses are relational and narrative existences. Therefore. nurses frequently learn from other people and from outside beginnings such as literature. He suggests that nurses should pay attending to the relationships that they maintain. the struggles that they encounter. the feelings that they develop towards every event that they go into. and the values that they engage or disengage in. In their manner they develop their function as nurses and go ready for bigger challenges in their pattern. They are besides encouraged to narrate their experiences to others as it will convey them frontward as moral agents. ( Module 4A. page 12 )

I have proven these true. In fact. many of my values which I learned from work were based on the ethical rules of other people. They were wise mans. co-workers. and patients who have shared their narratives on how they fought the unethical and upheld their rules. Equally much as they inspired me and my other co-workers. they besides strengthened the values that we already learned in school. They gave the reassurance that making the right thing is the right thing.


Keeping good values was besides brought about by contemplation. Merely the same. self-awareness and self-definition became possible through contemplation. Reflecting on mundane activities at work are good indicants of one’s work values and attitudes. It will besides assist if a individual will be able to watch or listen to recordings of ain work public presentation which will tackle an designation of faults—of strong and weak points—where betterments will be available. This is besides how I was able to estimate my public presentation at work and how I enhanced my accomplishments. ( Continuous appraisal and professional growing. neodymium )

Harmonizing to Rennekamp ( neodymium ) . professional development has several phases. In all these phases there are values built-in to an employee. There is the entry phase. the period when the employee is new to his industry and is still developing the modules that he needs to sharpen and utilize in his occupation. Much of the moralss in this phase come from the school and the household.

The 2nd phase is the co-worker phase. This is the point when the entry-level employee has mastered his milieus and the range of his occupation. At this phase the employee is an active portion of the problem-solving squad and no longer the inactive hearer or follower. He has besides found his manner around several ethical criterions in the company which he may hold adapted. ( Rennekamp. neodymium )

After the co-worker phase is the counsellor function. Here. the employee takes on a new function as a wise man to others. Leadership functions are prevailing at this phase. Apart from their regular assignments. employees in the counsellor phase may take on extra undertakings in taking others. They are now sharing their values to others. ( Rennekamp. neodymium )

Finally. there is the adviser phase. In this phase the employee is no longer merely an employee but an indispensable portion in strategic planning of organisations. The employee in the adviser phase is more influential and is now a holder of more duties. He besides sets criterions of pattern instead than merely promoting others to make them. ( Rennekamp. neodymium ) .

Presently. I would assume that I am in the counsellor function. I have mastered my occupation as a critical attention nurse and have created webs. I have besides established myself as a nurse and have been assisting others achieve every bit good. However. I am in the co-worker phase of my e-Nursing and nursing information sciences calling. I have merely entered this function. but I now have taken leading functions. Despite this difference in my phases in the two occupation matrices that I am in. I am in the counselor phase of my moral and ethical life at work. I learn rules every twenty-four hours and learn them every bit much to others.


There are many factors in which 1s moral values are founded. Doane claims that moral individuality comes from beds of influences. including the ego. others. and the civilization or environment in which 1 is in. Socialization empowers ethical motives and moralss every bit much as they may disempower them. It is of import for a individual to hold the freedom to take how he wants to make up one’s mind about a state of affairs. Ethical motives can non be practiced by automatically learning employees how to move. talk. or think. It takes proper integrating of ethical rules and life by illustration to enable ethical values to be learned. ( Module 4A. page 10 )

Overall. moralss is an of import portion of work in any industry. Where there is no moralss. proper societal dealingss is impossible. It is inevitable to be in state of affairss naming for the unethical patterns to be made. However. if the ethical is executable. so it shall be made.

Part II

Ethical motives is frequently tested at work. There was a clip when a patient who was terminally sick and was diagnosed to hold merely several yearss more to populate consulted me if she should seek medical intercession for giving her earlier decease. She was non in any hurting merely because she was practically populating on hurting slayers. Despite her medical insurance. she besides can non prolong the pecuniary demands of her unwellness.

The household feels otherwise. They know that every centavo that they are passing is worth it. They are confident that she will last. She has non told them about her ideas.

I am personally against mercy killing. Even though there are cases and occasions when it is needed. I prefer the natural manner for decease. It was painful to hear a patient decide that manner. It was non surprising. though. Before the conversation. she has ever been kicking about her medical specialties. her household. her unwellness. her life. and her fundss. She was sharing that her household wants her gone. She wanted to stop the hurting and the hurting slayers.

I was non able to assist but portion this strong belief with my patient. I told her that first. she is non in existent hurting and that even though her hurting is merely subsided because of hurting slayers. it should give her hopes of life ; secondly. I shared her several things about life that can promote her to travel on. I told her. despite the oncoming of her incredulity. that there is a right clip for everything. I left her room. and I know that she is dismayed.

The patient lived for about another twelvemonth. She even managed to be discharged from the infirmary. After our conversation. the subject was ne’er raised once more. The household ne’er knew about that conversation. nor did the other nurses I was working with. Yet I felt that the go toing doctor had to cognize. and so I told him. and to my alleviation he shared my strong beliefs. He similarly helped the patient recover from the psychological convulsion that was forcing her to the border. In the terminal. the patient proved herself incorrect.

Becoming a moral agent

The patient’s narrative impacted my values a batch. When I heard that she died. I felt sad but winning that I did what I and the physician idea was the right thing. I became a accelerator of her alteration of head and bosom. I knew I did the right thing because she outlived the deadline that was given to her life by the physicians. Whether she realized that we made the right thing or non did non affair any longer. The bosom of the affair is that I was able to win over this morally straitening state of affairs and acquire out of it the right manner.

I was a moral agent. and my moral bureau stressed on me that the right thing to make is let her to populate some more. It was my responsibility to protract others’ life every bit much as I could. It would hold been an precisely different experiencing if I decided otherwise. against my moral rules. Nursing. I subscribe. is a occupation that entails moral duties.

Lessons learned

After this state of affairs. I became excess sensitive to the psychological and emotional demands of the patients particularly those with terminal instances. I read about positive psychological science and shared my acquisition to other nurses. I was besides able to amplify cues that may take to the same state of affairs every bit good.

When I identify them. such as when the patient is verbalising ideas that the household wants her gone or that she should non be populating any longer. I try to comfort her and portion my ideas on life and her wellness. There are times when the patient will flog out on me with dissension. but this does non do me flex my strong beliefs. I stayed on believing. because of that patient who survived. that when I make the right choices the right things will go on. In the procedure. my moralss and morality is besides nurtured.

Raines assert that there are four ancestors to the happening of a moral bureau. First is the mold. In the state of affairs. the patient showed marks of discontent and giving up. She was practically traveling off from all other picks but decease. Second there is the coming of the ethical quandary. This was when the patient verbalized what she truly wanted. which was to rip off on decease by stoping it earlier. The 3rd phase. the options. caught me in the state of affairs. I was torn between the pick of the patient and my personal moralss ; my beliefs or the patient’s beliefs. ( Module 4A. page 15 )

Last. my determination was based on information. I gathered all the facts that I have instilled in me to be able to promote the patient to populate longer and have hope. I believe that all these four ancestors take built-in functions in carry throughing an act of moral bureau. A moral agent can non be so if there is no ethical quandary at manus. posed by patterning of the at hand quandary. Options and information. likewise enabled the solution of the quandary. therefore were every bit of import. ( Module 4A. page 15 )

It is similarly of import to hold options. Raines assert that nurses should see that there are ever options to a state of affairs. This will set them off the force per unit area to being fleeceable followings of a individual pick which may non be right. In making so. ethical values may be put in hazard. Gathering and giving information. every bit good. is of import. ( Module 4A. page 15 )

Other factors

Communication is another of import accomplishment in this. I should still seek to larn more about communicating procedures and accomplishments. Growth can be enhanced by being updated with new policies and guidelines in the accomplishments being developed and the work itself. ( Continuous appraisal and professional growing. nd ) I can make this by go toing preparations about effectual communicating accomplishments. effectual hearing. and client support. This does non merely profit my communicating with patients and their health professionals. it will besides give me the ability to pass on with the other members of my squad more efficaciously which in consequence will give me more opportunities to present better and ethics-based patient attention in behalf of the company. my squad. and myself.

Ethical motives and values should be portion of the extremely complex goal-setting scheme of a individual. They are every bit of import as any other purposes. Interestingly. Cooper ( neodymium ) states that 87 % of people do non hold ends. These people were found to hold troubles get bying with the demands of their occupations.

They besides found it hard to stand out in their Fieldss. In the contrary. 3 % of people have clearly defined ends which are written down. These people were found to be winners. carry throughing their ends and developing in their callings at 50 to 100 per centum of the clip. While it is non a demand. employees should compose down their ethical and moral declarations and read them a twosome of times sporadically. This will transfuse in them these declarations.

Through all this procedure of planning. Rennekamp ( neodymium ) instills that flexibleness is an of import component. While being focused on ends and accomplishments is of import. readyings for unexpected events should be considered. In my personal pattern. for case. I normally encounter many dilemmas that challenge my values. It is difficult to delight everybody. and the moral thing is non ever the good thing to make. There will be times when the unethical may convey the good for the more figure of people. and it can be sometimes the right pick.


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