Nursing is a profession that invariably evolves to better itself. There is a high demand for nurses all across America. Excellent nursing pattern is achieved by understanding the history of nursing and incorporating the mileposts achieved with the present pattern. Through advanced instruction and new engineering the nurse can supply the patient with the best attention and promote community wellness.

Knowledge gives us power to alter and progress in health care. My mission is to show excellence in clinical attention by my committedness to evidence-based pattern research. go oning instruction. and by presenting culturally competent patient attention in a lovingness and mending environment in conformity with the nurse pattern act.

Part AThe Board of Nursing ( BON ) is a regulative bureau that maps to protect the populace every bit good as regulate the safe pattern of nurses. Every province has a board of nursing that mandates the nurse pattern act be decently carried out. Nurse pattern Acts of the Apostless define the range of nursing. how to obtain licensure. how to lose licensure.

and the effects of practising without a licence. The make-up of the nursing board and its duties come from the nurse pattern Acts of the Apostless besides. The BON is responsible for reexamining the nurse pattern act to guarantee that minimal criterions of pattern are defined. The BON besides approves nursing instruction plans.

evaluates appliers. issues licensure. and subjects those who violate the jurisprudence ( Pearson Education. 2010 ) . To obtain a nursing licence in South Carolina I am required by the BON to hold demonstrated competence in executing regulated activities that are complex. require accomplishment.

and independent determination -making.This is determined by demoing confirmation of graduating from an approved Registered Nurse instruction plan. go throughing the national licensing trial.

and go throughing a condemnable background cheque. In order to regenerate my licence biyearly I must travel through the BON and demo confirmation of competence and the figure of hours practiced as evidenced by my employer enfranchisement on a signifier approved by the Board. If I fail to follow the reclamation demands the BON may deny my application for reclamation. Besides. staying by the nurse pattern act and forbearing from unethical determinations such as ; utilizing drug and intoxicant at work. deviating narcotics. and mistreating patients I am able to stay in good standing with the BON and abstain from any disciplinary action from the BON.The American Nurses Association ( ANA ) is a Professional Nursing Organization that provides nurses a assortment of resources to back up their callings.

The ANA offers leading places within the organisations and workshops for go oning instruction every bit good as employment resources. Conferences are held within the organisation to web and congregate about health care reform. Although the ANA does non offer any legal authorization to allow licensure or enforce pattern policy. it carries the voice of the nurse and the populace to the regulative bureau to arouse alteration ( ANA. 2013 ) . I presently am non a member of the ANA. but I plan to fall in.Bing as though I am a nurse that works in the exigency section I feel the demand to voice concerns I have in covering with patient attention and staffing issues.

I besides would wish to hold a voice in turn toing safe nurse to patient ratios in the exigency section. The ANA can assist with these issues I face by assisting to advance the involvements of nurses to province and federal legislative organic structures like the BON. I feel this organisation can assist me obtain the instruction I need in directing me to online classs offering go oning instruction credits and help me in particular credentialing such as obtaining a Certified Emergency Nurse certification.Part BNursing moralss are a set of criterions refering the actions of the nurse in his or her relationship with patients.

patients’ household members. other healthcare suppliers. policymakers. and society as a whole ( Cherry & A ; Jacob. 2011 ) . One proviso from the codification of moralss that influences my pattern is “The nurse participates in the promotion of the profession through parts to pattern.

instruction. disposal. and cognition development ( ANA. 2013 ) .

Although patient attention is of the extreme importance nursing can’t be practiced without the appropriate cognition required. Evidence-based adept research is such an of import constituent to nursing. Without the uninterrupted surveies of such research advancement would non be made in healthcare promotions.As a nurse that has worked in the exigency section I have engaged in educational chances offered by the exigency section has helped with quality betterment enterprises and increased patient satisfaction tonss. A 2nd proviso that has influenced my pattern in nursing is listed as “The nurse’s primary committedness is to the patient. whether an person.

household. group. or community ( ANA. 2013 ) .

“ Many times in the exigency section households and friends are environing their loved 1. It is the nurse’s primary responsibility to recommend for the patient. Many times households have other thoughts of health care that the patient is non interested in. This is where communicating and instruction is imperative between all involved. Besides. if the patient refuses any type of attention instruction is the best reply and so acceptance if the refusal is ongoing. Honoring the patient’s wants every bit long as patient safety is non an issue must be upheld in the nursing profession.Part CThe ANA Code of Ethics consists of several traits that should be the implicit in footing from all professional nursing patterns.

As a nurse 1 must interact with a multidisciplinary squad to make optimum consequences for a patient’s result. One of the trait’s that is of import is common regard. In an Emergency Department I work with several entities all of which have the patient’s best involvement at bosom. Collaborating. listening. back uping. and implementing ends are all portion of holding common regard for the squad members every bit good as the patient and patient’s household. Another trait that is of import is confidentiality.

Privacy is an indispensable codification of moralss. Discoursing pertinent issues about a patient is restricted to those straight involved in patient attention. Many times persons try to name the exigency section and acquire updates on patients.I follow the Torahs in my scene sing this issue. A 3rd trait would be holding regard for human self-respect.

This is of import in the exigency section when patients are excessively ill to travel. Many times patients soil themselves and experience abashed. We as nurses must admit their feelings in a curative manner. We must keep professional and ne’er judge the patient in these cases. A 4th trait I possess would be answerability. I take full duty to stay by the nurse pattern act in my province. I follow the demand for licensure reclamation and take go oning instruction categories pertinent to my work country.

I besides am accountable for the nursing attention of patients and to pattern utilizing the criterions of attention in my infirmary. If I make a error I am held accountable for my actions and describe any incidents to the appropriate forces.Part DJean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring plays a important portion in publicity of a patient’s wellness. This theory suggests that there are carative factors that are the nucleus to nursing. It is a holistic mentality that addresses the impact and importance of selflessness. sensitiveness. trust.

and interpersonal accomplishments ( Cherry & A ; Jacob. 2011 ) . Caring is a cardinal component of the patient’s result. Possessing a caring bosom sets the saloon high in health care. “The transpersonal procedure of caring. or caring among.

nurse. environment. and client.

is indispensable to healing” and the nurse is the tool that “implements these carative factors. that facilitates. and promotes” the Restoration of the patient wellness ( Cherry & A ; Jacob. 2011 ) . ”Part D1Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring tantrums in my professional pattern daily.

This theoretical account helps to set up a swearing resonance between you and the patient. When covering with patients on an mundane footing the nurse is the 1 who interacts with the patient the most and sets the tone for the relationship. Compassion and human touch are necessary for positive patient results. Following this faculty reminds me and assist me to better my bringing of attention by leting patients to pass on feelings while I actively listen to their demands. When I enter a patient’s room I study the scene or take a holistic attack. I want to allow this patient know I care about all of their demands and non merely the medical concerns.

The theory states “interconnectedness of one human touching or caring for another is a carative factor which promotes Restoration of wellness and equilibrium” ( Cherry & A ; Jacob. 2011 ) .After I introduce myself to the patient I instantly inquire them how they are experiencing or if there is anything that they are concerned about. I feel this gives the patient the chance to discourse concerns and allows clip for curative communicating set uping a trusting nurse to patient environment. Watson’s carative factors help with lovingness or keeping wellness even when a patient is terminal. I instill this theory through offering Chaplin services to patients or aid happening mental support for those that are terminal. I come in contact with many different civilizations in the exigency section and it is of import to acknowledge the demand for learning and doing it contributing for the patients to larn about their medicine or disease procedure. Using a linguistic communication lines shows the patient that you care about their wellness and instruction.

Part TocopherolFlorence Nightingale was inspirational and changed the face of nursing across the universe from a calling many looked down upon to a extremely skilled and respected medical profession by implementing criterions in health care and preparation others for the business. After witnessing the insanitary conditions during the Crimean War she obtained 100s of chaparral coppices and asked nurses and the least ill patients to scour the interior of the infirmary from floor the ceiling ( The Biography Company. 2014 ) .

Her compassionate. dedicated. and skilled work helped her to cut down the infirmaries decease rate by two-thirds from implementing “The Environmental Theory” into her pattern ( The Biography Company. 2014 ) .Firenze was a nurse that was able to look outside the box and critical think to happen solutions to better health care. After larning of her great accomplishments the one I use most in my health care puting is following healthful steps.

The spread of bacteriums is really prevailing among the exigency section and by adhering to manus hygiene rules and other nucleus steps to maintain from the spread of disease I feel her testimony sets the phase for largely all health care employees. Besides. through her bravery and compassion for humanity she helped to model my nursing pattern into one of diligence.Part FRespect for liberty comes to mind when I think of a instance scenario. Upon triaging a patient with their important other in the room I came across the medical history subdivision. This may do concern for some patients being as though we must obtain a full medical history.

I explained to the patient that I have personal inquiries to inquire her and needed to cognize if she would wish to be entirely during this procedure. The patient stated she would wish her important other to go forth the room. When questioning the patient they informed me that they did non desire their history disclosed to the important other or any of the consequences of proving that twenty-four hours. I appreciated this petition and so informed the important other that they must stay in the waiting room until proving was finished and that it would be up to the patient to advise them of updates.Beneficence is the rule of supplying good to person whereas non-maleficence addresses the hazard of a process to do injury to a patient ( Cherry & A ; Jacob. 2011 ) . An illustration of beneficence I encountered was when an aged patient was scheduled to hold a cardiac catheterisation performed. While executing the pre-op steps for this patient it was observed that this patient had an country of dislocation on his tegument and an elevated temperature.

I instantly called the heart specialist and informed him of the findings. He came to speak to the patient and decided to reschedule the process for another twenty-four hours when he was afebrile. Without describing the determination to the physician the patient could hold introduced infection into the blood stream and could hold became infected with critical consequences.MentionsANA Nursing World. ( 2013 ) .

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