PROJECT PLANOverall, I think, we as a group worked effectively to complete this project. The crucial aspect according to me was the planning process, however, we managed to get everybody’s ideas into place and come to a conclusion. Furthermore, our project met our aim (which was to take kids from an orphanage called ‘Panti Asuhan Annajiyah’ and take them to Kidzania). We collaboratively allotted tasks to each member which they worked efficiently to finish. In my opinion, our idea was well developed and achievable in the short period of time we had. Also, will be beneficial to the girls of the orphanage aforementioned. As a group, I feel we should have planned our time more wisely and equally allocated the roles in the beginning so it wouldn’t cause this mess. At some points in the planning and research of our outcome, we were distracted as a group. Some of the members in our group felt discouraged and at times we needed to motivate each other to stay on the same track and finish the project in the time frame we had.We decided on quite a few research questions because we felt that we could not cover all of our ideas under one question. I think now, that we may have been too assuring whilst doing this because it was a struggle for us to answer all of these questions in the detail. PROJECT OUTCOMEIn all, we are proud of what we achieved together and hopefully changed the girls thought process as to job careers to choose from in the future.Our outcome included taking a bunch of girls to Kidzania to expose them to jobs that are mainly male dominated and show them that anyone can achieve their dream if you put in the work required, no matter your gender. In order to complete our objective we needed some kind of sponsor, so we emailed companies such as Pocari sweat, Go-ojek and Arsenal football club. However, unluckily none of these companies were wanting to reply and help us, we had to take matters into our own hands and fund this project, that’s what we exactly did. We got permission from one of the head’s of school and sold Ice-cream for a reasonable price. Luckily for us, our plan B worked perfectly well. After all planning out,  we put down the costs to consummate our project and came to a conclusion that we would need a minimum of 3.5 million rupiah(250$).Therefore, our ice cream choices and prices included were one, popsicle for 15,000 rupiah(1.1$) and a Japanese mochi ice cream for 10,000 rupiah(0.7$). After a successful sales trip, we sold a grand total of 350 ice creams which exceeds our target by 600,000 rupiah(44$) and got us to 4.1 million rupiah(303$). With the excess cash, we bought and donated stationery necessities and books to the orphanage to benefit them in the educational aspects. In the process of contemplating ideas based on our thesis, I used my country(India) as a reference point because the level of gender inequality in the rural areas is still significantly high compared to Indonesia. This reference to another country was needed because we didn’t have a benchmark to compare our data to. This project also really helped our team understand the greater issue of gender inequality in Jakarta. Although our research could have been more extensive, we learned a lot as a group and felt it was a great experience to be able to interact with these children and provide them with these resources that eventually will benefit them.INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION AND LEARNINGI was elected by my group members as the editor/group leader. I felt that I did this job well since I knew the group members well enough and allocate each member an object to achieve in our time frame. However, as I mentioned before, the group members were sometimes unmotivated, to an extent, I felt it was my fault as I should have been encouraging and convincing my group that everything will go as planned and we will come out successful. Despite all of this, we did finish the project in time and to a pleasing standard and all of us felt very proud of the work we had created,  thus it was a big accomplishment.Additionally, I contributed to the powerpoint explanation of our object and outcome.As for what I completed as a group leader, I feel I contributed greatly to the triumph of our project. I organized the school that we would be traveling to, however, wasn’t able to speak to the coordinator due to my lack of knowledge on Bahasa Indonesia, was helped by another member who conveyed our message to the coordinator. While in kidzania, I handled four girls and fulfilled their wishes on the job careers which they wanted to try out. Subsequently, as mentioned above, I also edited a short film on what our aims were and how the kids enjoyed their time in Kidzania.  Overall, I feel I influenced the group positively and was a vital asset in the production of our outcome.

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