Project Management Office (PMO):A Project Management Office (PMO) is a group that can either be maintained internally or externally to an organisation, which focuses on delivering the standards required for the desired outputs for a project or a program.

 PMO Purpose and Structure:Standardization: PMO helps to reduce the cost management and upfront time of the project by establishing and standardizing the project management tools and processes·Quality Assurance: Quality assurance can be obtained by assessing the project deliverable’s and therefore auditing and compliance of individual projects can be delivered with required quality assurance.·Supplementing Project Resources: Project resources can be easily allocated to all the stages of project management such as Initial project planning, execution, monitoring and control phase etc. PMO In Accelerating The Implementation Process:PMO not only helps in accelerating the implementation process, but also can be reliable for accelerating the implementation process. PMO majorly acts as a catalyst for any business organisation. The process of implementation can be fastened by PMO as it maintains all the processes, templates and control systems of a project. It is important that a PMO defines a project delivery framework as it assists Project managers to navigate the systems without any interruptions thus enabling successful PMO functions.

Successful PMO helps achieve the major function required for a project output, which is being able to get things faster and in an accurate manner. The following are the main PMO services used in any organisation:·Portfolio Analysis and Prioritization: This method helps the Senior Management teams to get their work done faster as it simplifies the process of prioritizing the projects through standardization and thus makes the whole process easy.·Resource Management: PMO helps achieve resource management by allocating the right resources on right time and things. It helps in delivering effective control on resources and processes and thus projects can be delivered faster.·Project Initiation: Initiation is a crucial and very important phase in any project life cycle.

Time management and project deliverable’s are very important factors in this phase of implementation. PMO helps to simplify this process by using the right templates and guidelines and building expertise in order to reduce the risks and thus provides easy initiation phase in a project to obtain the required project objectives. 

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