Proposed Research Program and Proposed Marketing Strategy for the new Cadbury Product.1.0 Proposed Research Proposal.1.1 Research Problem and Research Objective.

Its research job is to turn to the concern of Cadbury on the controversial issue that has caused consumers peculiarly the Muslims to lose trust in Cadbury merchandises. Its research aim is to place the consumer’s attitudes and sentiments of the Cadbury’s trade name after the controversial issue.1.2 Research DesignThis is a descriptive research, consists of quantitative and primary research. Survey will be conducted utilizing thequestionnaire as their informations aggregation tool. The type of inquiries used are open-ended inquiries.

Example of inquiries will be:1. Make you still trusted in Cadbury?YesNo2. Make you still take Cadbury as one of your favorite cocoa?YesNo3. Make you believe Cadbury qualified to be certified with halal certification?YesNo

  1. Make you inquire your friends/family to take Cadbury?

YesNo1.3 Sampling DecisionSampling Unit of measurementThe trying unit will be Muslims, ages of 18 and above, which consists of both male and female gender. The samples will be selected on three different countries, which are Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu.

The ground why these countries are selected are due to high population of Muslims are remaining at that place. ( Department of Statistics, 2014 )Sampling SizeA trying size of 125 is selected harmonizing to a research of attitudes toward depression among a sample of Muslim striplings. ( Haroun, 2011 )Sampling ProcedureNon-probability technique is selected as the sampling scheme. It will be conducted through convenience sampling by administering questionnaires in public countries such as shopping promenades and Parkss. A set of questionnaire will be distributed to the populace based on convenience sampling technique.

The samples that are selected are convenience and easy to be accessed. Since the aim of convenience sampling is easy to be accessed, the questionnaires will be distributed at the chief entryway of the promenade and car-park of the park. This will be easier by ask foring Muslims that base on balls by to take portion in the research.

A sum of 125 sets of questionnaires will be collected from the samples. ( Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, 2012 )1.4 Scheduling and Budget ( convert to Gantt Chart )

Completion Date/Task 1-Jun-15 10-Jun-15 20-Jun-15 10-Jul-15 25-Aug-15 1-Sep-15
Agreement of undertaking way, aims and single tasks/ inputs.
Finalize and trial questionnaire
Administration of study
Data entry and analysis
Report readying
Report entry

The programming table consists of undertaking that have to be done every bit good as the completion day of the month. It takes three months to finish the research. The longest undertaking will be informations entry and analysis as all of the questionnaire have to be compiled and the information given will be inserted into the SPSS package for analysis intents.

Inserting the information one by one really every clip consuming.

Activity Cost Budget ( RM )
Literature reappraisal Research helper:40hours @ RM30/hour 1200
Transportation system cost RM300*3 900
Questionnaire development 35hours @ RM50 1750
Datas entry 40hours*RM30/hour 1200
Datas analysis 40hours*RM30/hour 1200
Report readying 8hour*RM70/hour 560
Entire 6810

The budget shows the item of monetary value for activities that carry out throughout the research. The highest cost activity will be the questionnaire development procedure, which cost RM1750, which entitled 25 % out of the entire cost.1.5 Data AnalysisThis research will utilize SPSS ( refer to appendix 1 ) as the information analysis method. SPSS provide statistical analysis and studies, which help to read and analyze informations from questionnaires.

( John, 2014 ) . It included arrested development analysis, correlativity and analysis of discrepancy that will explicate about the relationship between controversial issue and the trust Muslim have in Cadbury merchandises.1.6 Controlling MethodWhen the questionnaire is done, a pre-test plan will be conducted to place and extinguish the possible mistake and therefore heighten the truth of the questionnaire.

2.0Proposed Selling Scheme for the new Cadbury merchandise.2.1 Background of a proposed merchandiseMovie presents are really demanding. All of the film merely allowed nutrient that are sold at their bite counter to convey into film.

Most of the clip, clients want to purchase some bites to make full them up, but most of the bars merely sell nuggets and Zea mays everta, which is non what they wanted. At the same clip, the monetary values of soft drinks and Zea mays evertas are excessively high, although their existent monetary values are comparatively low. ( Roger, 2011 ) So, Cadbury come out with a new cocoa merchandises, Stretchy, which can fulfill the customers’ needs, at the same clip it can move as a complementary merchandises of the film. Stretchy is designed based on the latest film, for illustration Stretchy comes in all types of minions design when the releasing of the Minions 3 film. Other than that, the Stretchy is at an economical monetary value, which is low-cost for all of the consumers.

2.2 Target market profile ( modify )The mark market consists of everyone in all income degree, particularly those age groups of 5 old ages old and above. Its because the monetary value of Stretchy is economical, so everyone are able to do the purchase. Stretchy specially targeted to kids as it comes in different film forms, which will pull their attending. Customers can maintain the cocoa as the complementary souvenir/ gift for a peculiar film every bit good as the film departers.2.3 The placement schemeCadbury choose to place Stretchy at low monetary value but made harmonizing to film.

The clients that are in all degree of income are able to buy Stretchy. It can move as the complementary merchandises of a peculiar film, alternatively of the key concatenation which is normally used by others trade names as their complementary merchandises. The different between Stretchy and other Cadbury merchandises is that Stretchy provide excess value and map to its clients, either as a cocoa, or as a complementary merchandises, which is their alone merchandising proposition.2.

4 The selling mix2.4.1 MerchandiseContent and IngredientsThe merchandise contains high per centum of milk cocoa, together with some butter. The ingredients will be full pick milk, sugar, chocolate butter, chocolate mass, emulsifiers ( Soy Lecithin, 476 ) , and some spirits. ( Cadbury Company, 2015 )Brand name and Brand gradeIts named stretchy as it was designed consequently to the latest film. The trade name grade in this merchandise is strong as it was designed specially for the new releasing film. For illustration, clients are able to acquire the athletics auto form of cocoas when the Fast and Furious 7 film is released.

Whenever there are new releasing of film, the first thing that comes to customers’ head are ; Stretchy will be available in new design shortly.Packaging and labellingThe cocoa is packaged in aluminum foil, consequently to its ain form and size. The front portion of the cocoa will be label with the film name it was attached to and its ain name, Stretchy, together with the halal certification. Besides, it will besides demo the expired day of the month. The back portion of the cocoa will be label with the measure information every bit good as some reminder to maintain them below room temperature.

( )2.4.2 Monetary valueMonetary value DeterminationAs Cadbury choose to place its merchandises at low monetary value and design consequently to film, monetary value is sensitive in this instance. The monetary value of Stretchy will be lower than most of the merchandises sold at cinema bite counter, every bit good as lower than its chief rival, which is Mars cocoa.

Cadbury is utilizing cost-plus pricing practise, by utilizing bese-cost figure per unit, and mark-up to cover the unassigned cost and to do net income. This practise will let concern with low cost to put monetary values lower than their rivals, but still profitable.Monetary value SchemesStretchy is utilizing economic system pricing scheme, while the cost of selling and industry are kept at the minimal degree. In fact, stretchy don’t need much advertisement as film is a really demanding industry and there are ever people to do their purchase at film bite counter. Most of the clip, when clients see an odd-price, they will believe that merchandise is low-cost even though a $ 0.99 monetary value stoping may non be related to merchandise being low-cost.

( Schindler, 1996 ) .It’s the psychological ways of pricing.Suggested retail monetary valueAfter sing the monetary value of ingredients every bit good as the rival merchandises, Stretchy will be priced at RM1.99. The monetary value of Stretchy is comparatively low compared to its rival, which priced RM3.

00 and above, and it’s priced with an stoping of RM0.99, which may confound clients to presume Stretchy is low-cost.2.4.3 Topographic pointCadbury will be utilizing indirect gross revenues scheme by selling their merchandises at the bite counter. Cadbury will join forces with Golden Screen Cinema ( GSC ) , which have a sum of 32 films in Malaysia. ( Golden Screen Cinema, 2014 ) Besides, by implementing intensive distribution scheme, Stretchy will be available in a figure of shops, for illustration, Toy’R’Us, shopping promenades, bites and sweet shops and some fast nutrient shops. By selling at many locations, Cadbury really pull off to make merchandises awareness and clients will started to tie in with commercials and print ads with merchandises on a regular basis seen in shops.

2.4.4 PromotionOne of the publicity that Cadbury will transport out is through advertisement. Cadbury can expose their new merchandise, Stretchy at the electronic board of GSC to inform the clients about the latest Stretchable design. Besides, by implementing gross revenues publicity of seting Stretchy into GSC jazz band set, this will really raise the demand of the clients because client get the opportunity to acquire a cheaper Stretchy. If clients were to buy Stretchy together with Cadbury others merchandises, clients will be entitled with some price reductions, of up to 20 % .

Direct selling through Cadbury web site every bit good as GSC chief web site is besides one of the selling tool. This will assist to maintain update the clients the latest Stretchy design, and their seasonal publicities.Appendix

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