1. Undertaking IntroductionElectronic fining implements proper reaching and going bays. This is for convenience of the riders utilizing such public conveyance. An electronic ticket carries the same information as a paper ticket. The major difference is an electronic ticket is located in a computing machine database. It is an electronic record of the traveller’s reserve incorporating information such as the clip.

day of the month and topographic point of the going. place assignment and coach travel category.2. Undertaking ObjectiveThis undertaking is for aid users who are utilizing coach express for their transit easier to purchase a ticket merely by utilizing my card. It besides will assist the people safety during their travel by utilizing the coach express and with this card besides have the informations about the user are have in a system.

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3. Undertaking Problem StatementThis undertaking will assist the people to more easy purchase a ticket. Merely touch the card and besides were straight pay if my card support MEPS.

And can upgrade the system ticket to be a simple card. easier to maintain and avoid an easy harm like a ticket.4. Undertaking Scope StudentIn this card will salvage all the information about our ego.

journey for the coach and it will assist the driver to place who are rider already depart and go forth the coach.5. Undertaking Expected OutcomeWith this card will assist the counter know the rider place figure. about the coach journey. coach plat figure.

clip and day of the month for the coach depart and leave the station. During the journey. when the coach halt at RnR all the rider demand to touch the card at the entry device.6. Hardware / Software demandHardware required:i. ISCR ( Integrated Smart Card Reader )two. Driver console Panel

Software required:I. Language Ctwo.

Javathree. Database system

7. CommercializationThis merchandise is possible for Bus Express Company

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