Thoroughly taking up until the climactic stoping in A Prayer For Owen Meany. John Irving explains to his readers merely how of import it is to Owen Meany to carry through his responsibilities and duties to God. Like a hobbit going to Mt. Doom in Mordor. he is determined and dedicated more than anyone in the novel to accomplish his ends. despite his duties and. what should be. his major concerns in his life.

Owen wholly envelopes himself in the fact that he is an instrument used by God. and doesn’t even halt to believe to recognize and retrieve his loved 1s. whom are Hester. his love struck girlfriend. and John. his best friend who has been with him through midst and thin of all time since they were kids. It is bittersweet. I suppose. about the picks he finally ends up doing until the terminal.

On one manus he will lose out on the chances he can easy obtain through go toing Harvard and doing a life for himself with his most of import people by his side ( Hester and John ) ; on the other manus. nevertheless. by taking to follow God’s naming for his life. he will once and for all move upon the go oning that impacts the stoping of the novel wholly. Owen. as one finds out throughout the novel. is overly superb. exceling the intelligence of other people his age by far.

Tabitha Wheelwright acknowledges this particular gift in Owen insistence that he go to Gravesend Academy. where his glare be put to good usage. It turns out that it was. for Owen ends up being the best pupil at the Academy. which about guarantees him the ability to go to Harvard to now have the best college instruction possible. but certain reverses keep him from making so. His careless error of acquiring caught doing bogus IDs for other pupils opens the door for the rule to prehend at the chance to throw out Owen. which badly hurts his opportunities to acquire into any worthwhile colleges.

But with this. Owen understands that his intent must lie elsewhere. because nil happens for no ground. Even before this incident occurs. he knows his decease will be undeniable for it is a portion of God’s program for him. and that “the shot” is involved in this future incident. Owen’s responsibilities to his instruction is nil. nevertheless. compared to the conflicting feelings Hester and John feel about Owen’s prognostications and anticipations about his decease. “Owen knows that he must give his life to salvage others. both physically and spiritually ( Rosefeldt. 1 ) .

Following this. he joins the ground forces to travel to Vietnam in an effort to seal his destiny as he believes God wants him to make. Hester practically resents Owen for his obstinacy in making this. puting that as more of import. his passion. in forepart of her. his implied “responsibility. ” After his decease. Hester becomes a difficult stone sex icon in the music universe in a ways to get by. and John wholly incognizant how he will now populate his life. for Owen was ever such a compass in his life. that he feels helpless without him.

Owen’s compulsion with his passion has wholly blinded him to the fact that his duties. the 1s that care about him the most. need him the most. but even with them he puts his God given ends foremost. as ever. Last. toward the terminal of the novel. Owen’s merely. and I mean that literally. thing on his head. is carry throughing his intent. which he ends up making in the chapter “the shot” where he sacrifices himself. as Jesus Christ did for the universe. for the interest of the Vietnamese orphan kids. “When Owen Meany said ‘READY? ’ I figured we had about two seconds left to populate.

But he soared far above my arms-when I lifted him. he soared even higher than usual ; he wasn’t taking any opportunities. He went directly up. ne’er turning to confront me. and alternatively of simply dropping the grenade and go forthing it on the window shelf. he caught clasp of the shelf with both custodies. traping the grenade against the shelf and pin downing it there safely with his custodies and forearms. He wanted to be certain that the grenade couldn’t axial rotation off the shelf and autumn back in the room ( Irving. 623-624 ) . ” Here Owen proves the symbolism for the construct of forfeit. and merely how much of a Christ-like figure he is. practically mirroring Christ’s life.

From the cryptic secret revealed that Owen is really from a virgin birth. to the forfeit he makes for the interest of others. this mirror image is rather evident. From the start Owen knew he would go a hero for those in demand of one. and his womb-to-tomb passion for it is eventually is proved to be worthwhile in the concluding chapter. Owen Meany has to be one of the most admirable characters in any fresh of all time written by the fact that one time he sets his head to something. there is perfectly no altering it by any agencies. Regardless of his loved 1s. he new this is what he had to make. and did non desire to interrupt God’s plans that He had for him. He knew being a forfeit every bit good as a hero to others was his destiny. and he learned long ago destiny is non something to be messed with. This besides reveals merely how similar God and Owen are to each other. and how each other’s lives are indistinguishable in about all means- they are altruistic. and merely desire to turn out to others. every bit good as themselves. that their intent on this Earth is put excessively enormous usage. despite the clangs with the result of their duties.

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