The product I am making is publicity package, this package is for a new band that has just been formed.This includes :-* A CD cover* An interview on a national radio station* An article in a popular national music magazine* A fan website for the bandMy target audience is older teenagers and young people, the age range is about 14 – 30. These people enjoy RnB, Pop and some light rock.The band’s style of music is between RnB and Pop.

This means most of the targeted audience should enjoy the new bands music.The second type of audience who might enjoy this new bands type of music is the 14 – 30 Hip Hop lovers. These people enjoy music with a real beat to it, this type of music can range from RnB to Drum and Bass.But the music is basically targeted at younger people, this audience may also like artists such as the ‘Black eyed peas’ and ‘Gwen Steffani’.

The research I have carried out has included:-* Looking on music websites such as TOTP’s.* I have also looked on artists websites guest books.* Another thing I have done is look at the artists publicityFrom this research I have found that young people enjoy this type of music, music that has meaning and music you could dance to.This is what the new band can offer, they can offer a range of music with RnB, Pop and rock type styles.Also the TOTP website displays the UK top 40 singles, the top majority include RnB, Pop and Rock.Not only is this a popular type of music but it also sells well.By looking at other artists Advertising I can see that each artist reaches out to be unique and different, not only with their adverts but also with their music videos and album covers.Therefore to make sure my band is successful I will have to create unique selling points, designs and general image.

My initial plan is to, create a logo for the band, this can be included on the website and CD cover. I will then produce a band, this means creating names, an image and a band name.After this I can create a website for the band, I can use photographs I have taken my self, this will include the band members together and individual photographs.

After deciding on the band name and image, I can do a magazine article based on them, with comments from celebrity’s and DJ’s. I can also include comments from the band members. I will have to consider the sort of comments they would make and they type of words and phrases they would use.After all of this, I can create their first album cover, based on their type of music and image.From this, I will then go on to create a radio interview, I must choose a national radio station, I will choose radio 1, this is because this radio station is for young people, and also covers this type of music.

The research I carried out, looking on websites, browsing magazines and forums. This helped me see the likes and dislikes of this type of band, I could also see some ideas for the type of image a band has. I have seen so far that bands in this type (RnB etc) do not have “an” image type but their own individual one, this means they are all different and choose a style that suits them.I also looked on the music websites, such as top of the pops, this was to tell me what makes a band popular, successful and different from every one else.The tests I have carried out are as follows: -* Shown people my ideas and taken feedback.

* Compared my interviews and CD cover with previous artists’.* Finally asked my teacher what she thinks is good/bad about the work produced, and what she thinks could be changed.By carrying out these tests, I can improve the work I have produced, they can also give me new ideas to make my work especially professional.

Most company’s, run a test or trial before releasing any product or service. By doing this I can see what people think before I spend a lot of money producing them.The products would be placed in the real world as follows: -* Magazine article – In Top of the Pops magazine.this is because, this is the type of magazine my target audience wouldread and is completely relevant to my band.* The interview – On radio 1, this is because this is the national radiostation my audience will listen to, this station also plays such musicas my band plays.

* The CD – The CD will be in all the top music and entertainment shops such as Virgin megastore and HMV. This is because this type of shop not only sells a variety of music but also the top music.* The website will be hosted on the internet, top programmes will be used to make the site professional, and the site will be advertised on merchandise and other top websites such as google and the BBC.I will now evaluate the work I have done and see what was good and bad, from this I can decide what I could have done differently and what I should have included.To begin with, I would say that working in a group has helped the product tremendously, in a group you can listen to more than one idea/opinion.From this, we can produce a good product with a thoroughly thought out plan.The CD coverThe CD cover worked well, Kieran used our own imagery, we used photos that we took of the band members. This worked well because not only can the customer see the band members them selves, but this makes the CD different from any other.

The audience can also see the type of band they are, they can see this from the way the members look at the camera, the way they are posing and the way they are together.All in all the CD cover is a good piece of work, it includes original powerful imagery and makes a good impression on the audience.The WebsiteThe website makes the band the band this is because it includes their photos, their logo, their information and this is where fans can comment on the band.The website includes the “N-Unit” logo, this is placed in the same place on all of the pages. The photos are the same ones used on the CD cover, the audience can relate the two together.

The website also includes information about the members, this makes the audience feel almost involved, they are getting to know the band members. This makes them feel like they know the band.The website also uses links, these are easy to use.

People can navigate through the site quickly and easily.The site also includes a “contact us” button, people can send in comments and ask questions. There is also a message board so people can share their comments with the world.

All of these points make the audience involved with the band. This is a good point.Magazine articleThe magazine article was like any other article, but it was especially good because there were celebrity comments and the band also express themselves. Any reader of this article will briefly understand what the band is like and when and where they can expect them.The photo also shows the band members so people can watch out for them.The magazine it is featured in “Top of the Pops” is the type of magazine that the audience would read, the magazine is therefore the most appropriate magazine for this article.Radio interviewThe interview was scripted beforehand, it covers the main points about the band, it lets them have a chance to speak out.

It also allows any one interested in the band to ask a question which 2 people do.The band answer a series of non-personal questions ranging from when did you start playing music to what is your manager like.This gives the public a chance to listen to and hear the band for the first time.Any bad points: -The only bad points that our work has involved are as follows: -* Website – the contact us button maybe used to frequently meaning a lot of people have to wait a long time for a reply.the message board may cause offence to other bands, the band orother people making comments.

* The magazine article – may not include all relevant information, for instance the bands first album name could have been included, or what they sing about.* The CD cover – Perhaps should have included the bands logo, and may have required other imagery other than photos of the band members.* The radio interview – The interview was quite short and maybe could have been longer. The questions asked may not have been relevant to the audience either, and I believe more listeners should have had the chance to ask a question to the band.The basic response I am hoping the audience / general public will have is a positive pleasing one. I hope they will be impressed with the products produced by my group.I think they will like the CD cover along with the website.

I believe the radio interview and magazine article will be of use to them also. It will let them explore the band and have a chance to ask questions.I believe that younger children (below the age of about 9) will not be as impressed, children enjoy fun sing along types of music with lots of colour. This type of music is quite mature, the types of things being sang about and the whole image is not appropriate for young children.This also applies for older people, this is mostly over 40’s.

These types of people will not enjoy this type of band. They will already have a favourite band, they will not like the image, type of music or anything new. My target audience is the type of people I expect to enjoy the band, but this is good as it is aimed at them, not the people who wont like it.The whole image has not been adjusted to fit the target audience, the image has fallen into place with the audience.This image includes such things as. Relaxed clothing, slight attitude, gangster styling and type of music.

People like this sort of thing, this is because this what everyone sees in movies and TV shows, they see gangsters and people similar to this. These people are those people they see, they have a slight attitude in that they don’t care what people think of them, they wear cloths that perhaps don’t fit in.By being different and a bit of a rebel, these people are everything young rebellious people want to be and some of them are.So all in all the image makes the band appealing to the young people who do not want rules, regulations a boundaries.Different skills I have learnt whilst making this product are as follows-* Working well with other people who have different ideas and different theories.* Creating a non-active website to the best of my ability, by using a different programme I was able to learn different qualities available to a website.* How to create a magazine page that looks like it is from a magazine and not just been typed out.* And finally how to choose an idea, and sticking with it but making slight changes though out but keeping the idea and purpose the same.I believe my project was extremely realistic, everything looked so real, the website looked like any other (but different) website, the CD cover looked real and professional, the radio interview sounded as if it was a real show and the magazine article looked like a page out of a real magazine.The actual band was also very realistic, the type of band and the type of music is in fact the type of band in which you would expect to and do see in the charts.So all in all, the products and idea produced could very well if really made could be extremely successful and could work really well.

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