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Harmonizing to a Grecian myth, Pygmalion, an ancient sculpturer populating on Cyprus Island, worshipped the goddess of love, Venus. The local adult females disgusted him, so he sculpted himself the perfect one for him ; Galatea. Higgins undertakes a similar undertaking, to sculpt a duchess by altering the visual aspect and the manners of a flower miss. In his & # 8220 ; Pygmalion, & # 8221 ; Shaw teases his audience, boding a Cinderella-like romantic drama. He farther mocks the audience by leting Higgins to be the faery godmother of this love affair, making his & # 8220 ; Cinderella & # 8221 ; out of a simple flower miss. After the ball, nevertheless, it becomes clear that Eliza is as a better individual than Higgins. Shaw makes his audience recognize that merely like Cinderella, Eliza was a duchess even when her visual aspect and spoken word were that of a flower miss. Shaw farther manifests that her male parent will ever stay a cheap regardless of his fundss or visual aspect, and Higgins will populate the remainder of his life as an impolite unmarried man who cares for nil but his work. By altering the visual aspect and the societal category of his characters while maintaining their personalities constant, Shaw makes a critical point ; people can merely alter their image, popularity and wealth, but will ever stay the same on the interior.

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The character of Alfred Doolittle, Eliza & # 8217 ; s male parent remains unchanged throughout the drama. Shaw depicts him as a rotter, in Doolittle & # 8217 ; s first visual aspect in act II, who literally sells his girl for some inconsiderable sum of money. He is presented as a rotter cipher, who likes to imbibe and does non wish to hold any duties. When he appears in act five, nevertheless, Shaw dresses him as a gentleman and gives him the wealth of a millionaire. Doolittle & # 8217 ; s positions of life, nevertheless, remain unchanged. Having money, forces him to accept duty, which he clearly regards as a load. He longs for the yearss when he drank without a individual attention in the universe. Shaw emphasizes that his character does non alter regardless of his new societal position. Shaw is really specific make fulling Higgins & # 8217 ; character as an impolite workaholic whom cares about nil, other than his phonetics. From the beggary of the drama, he merely talks about his work, boasting that he can state anyone & # 8217 ; s place of birth within six stat mis by his or her idiom. This continues through to the terminal of the drama, when he is more angered that his & # 8220 ; creative activity & # 8221 ; will work for his challenger and Teach phonetics than the fact that Eliza is go forthing him for a dumber but kinder Freddy. Higgins lives in a lab with & # 8220 ; a pupil of Indian idioms, & # 8221 ; Colonel Pickering. Higgins & # 8217 ; manners force even his female parent to be ashamed of him in forepart of her invitees and in church where this pupil of

Milton enjoys mocking the idiom of reverends. It is clear that Higgins does non care about his mother’s sentiment of him. He does non care about Eliza ; he turns her universe upside down, making a duchess but continues to handle her like a guinea hog instead than a individual. Higgins does non even care about himself. He ever has and ever will care merely about his work.

The subject of Shaw & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Pygmalion & # 8221 ; lies in such consistence. Higgins is professor of phonetics, a pupil of Milton and Shakespeare, an imprudent and inconsiderate unmarried man, everlastingly. Shaw builds the character of Eliza from a simpleminded flower miss life on the street. In the gap act, Higgins shames her: & # 8220 ; A adult female who utters dejecting and gross outing sounds has no right to be anyplace, no right to live. & # 8221 ; She cries upon the simplest aggravation. Merely as it is hard to visualize this street rotter with a flower basket, as a duchess, it is hard to gestate how person like Higgins with his grotesque manners can make a genteel duchess, particularly from a miss off the street. But Higgins & # 8217 ; & # 8220 ; Cinderella & # 8221 ; nevertheless victory at the embassador & # 8217 ; s ball. Act four, nevertheless brings up an intense struggle between Eliza and Higgins. In this confrontation, Shaw portrays Eliza as an intelligent duchess whose manners and frock brought out her individualism.

Her Godhead remains ill-mannered and continues to handle her as a guinea hog. Shaw forces his audience to sympathise with Eliza, whose character is per se better than Higgins & # 8217 ; . But how could this unreal creative activity, which has been intensely programmed to replace ethical motives for manners surpass her Godhead, the rude professor of phonetics? Eliza was a duchess before she of all time met Higgins or Pickering. She was merely a slave to her poorness and merely appeared to be simpleminded. Populating with two & # 8220 ; elite & # 8221 ; work forces, she learned the best from each of them, conveying out her individualism. From Higgins, she learned how to talk right, and from the regard granted to her by Pickering, she learned to esteem herself. Even her & # 8220 ; Godhead & # 8221 ; admits at the really terminal, she was & # 8220 ; like a albatross around his cervix, now she is a tower of strength, a consort battleship. & # 8221 ; Self regard makes the image of a flower miss off the street to germinate into an image of a duchess, however, the fact that she surpasses her & # 8220 ; Godhead & # 8221 ; proves that Eliza ever remains the same individual on the interior. Pygmalion ( the sculpturer ) resembles Higgins merely on the surface, he builds the perfect adult female, while Higgins merely gives a hapless duchess an chance to alter her image. Similarly, all Shaw & # 8217 ; s characters in & # 8220 ; Pygmalion, & # 8221 ; alteration merely on the surface ( if at all ) ; they remain the same people on the inside regardless of fortunes.

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