Q. 1 explain hospitality in terms of Hotel Industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Asn.. Hyatt Hotel Corporation is an American multinational
owner, operator, and franchiser of hotel resort and vacation properties. Hyatt Corporation
comes into being upon purchase of Hyatt house losAngles international airport
on 27Sep1957. The head quarter at Hyatt center Chicago villinosis,… United States
. The second president of the company Mark. S Hokiwazian. They have many brands
likepark hyaat , grand hyaat ziva zibra and many more. Total revenue the
company is $4.4 billion.

Website www.hyatt.com


What is HR management

Human resource management (HRM&HR) is the management of
human resources, commonly referred to as the HR department. It is designed to
maximize the performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

HR is primarily concerned worth the management of people
within originator, focusing on policies and on system. HR department are
responsible for the overseeing employee, training and development performance appraisal
and rewarding (e.g. managing pay and benefit system.

HR also concern with itself with organizational change
industrial relation that is belonging of organizational practices with
requirement arising from governmental laws.

1.3 lists of functions of a human resources manager.

The goal of a human resource manager is to strengthen the
employer and employee relationship. This goal is supported by a variety of functions
with the human resources department and throughout the organization. In a small
business, the human resources manager any have a great degree of latitude as
well as the time to devote to the employee intension with a small workforce.
Both of these are the key element of an effective human resource leader.
Although she…… must accomplish a numeral of functions to achieve this goal.

1. D Explain the importance of HR
management in the hospitality industry.

Ans…the human resources
management (HR)  further…. Include a variety
of activities and the key among them is deciding what staffing needs you have
and whether to use independent contractors are recruiting and training the best
employees, ensuring they are high performance issues and ensuring your personnel
and management.

 Practices confirm to various regulations
activities also include managing your approach to employee benefit and
corensatons, employee records and personnel policies.

2.. what is an HR plan ?

Ans…Human resources planning is a
process that identifies current and future human resources needs for an
organization to achieve its goal.

Human re3sources planning should
serve as a list between human resource management, The overall strategic plan
of organization.

Aging workers populations is most
…. Countries and growing demand for qualified worker in developing economie3s …
hjave under record the importance of effective human resources planning.

2. b list the processes that are
involved in an HR plan

Ans .. Understanding goals plan
of the organizations

Assessment od current human resources situation

Human resource forecasting ( demand and supply)

Implementation of the programme ( action plan)

Evaluation and feedback ( a … advertisement)

Understating goals and plan of
the organization. This is first step of human resources planning.

The objective strategies of the
organization influence the human resources palling process because HR planning
must be deprived from organizational objectives as it is a part of overall
strategic planning of the organization.

Therefore it is very important to
understand the goals and plans of the organization HR plan.

Assessments of current human
resources situation. This is the second step of human resource planning. This
step begins with the developing in the organizations.

Internal analysis of the employees
done which include collecting information about the workers and the skill they
possess. The main motive ins this step is to generate effective and detailed
human resource inventing report which include complete information of employee
by name, education , training prior… employment ,  current position, performance ratings, salary
level, languages spoken capabilities and specialized skill. The HR invert
report help to know what stock of HR the organization has in term od quality
and quantity.


3. 1. Explain the term Employment
relations .

Ans.. employment relationship is
the legal …between employer and employees. If it is tough the employment relationship.
However defined that reciprocal…; right and obligatonand…  crated employers and the employee.

4.1. Define the employment law.

Ans.. Employment is a broad area
compassing… all area of the employer and employee relationship except the negotiation
process covered by laker…… collection beginning employment law consists of
thousands of sta…………administrative regulations and judicial decision 

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