Qualitative is where the consequences give a coloring material that you have to fit up to a color chart. or have you have done to see if it is positive or negative with a description of what a positive reaction should look like. This trial is less dependable as some coloring material or positive reaction expression similar to each other or the same but by adding different chemicals. An illustration of qualitative would be a pH trial as the consequence gives you a coloring material and so you have to fit it up to the pH graduated table to acquire you concluding consequence. Qualitative analysis is used to happen out different ion in a given sample. This besides analytical chemical science technique. this proving method uses many different trials to acquire a reaction that would associate with different ions. Ions

An Ion is an electrically charged atoms that are formed when atoms are added or taken manner. Metal atoms have positively charged ions and non-metal atoms have negatively charged ions. To work out how many ions a metal and non-metal should hold is simple. Metallic elements should hold the same sum of charged ions as the group figure they are in for illustration a metal in group 2 will hold two positively charged ions. Non-metals should hold the same sum of charged ions as the group figure they are in but minus eight for illustration a non-metal in group 5 would hold 3 negatively charged ions.

Negative ions are called anions and positive ions are called cations. When proving for cations/metals you could utilize a fire trial this is the simplest and quickest manner of trial for cations another manner that you could prove for cations is a Na hydroxide test this trial consist of adding Na hydrated oxide to prove compound when colored precipitate is formed them halt adding the Na hydrated oxide and see what the cation is by utilizing the tabular array below. this tabular array demo what color the precipitate is and any farther consequences.

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