Question One


What is the most challenging
project you have done that involves the society?

How has the engineering
profession changed over the years when it comes to dealing with other people?

How are you able to balance
community work and your profession?

Describe a challenging instance
you had when dealing with a difficult client. How were you able to deal with
this situation? What role do such situations play when dealing with a large
group especially the society?

Please give an example where
you used analytical skills and critical thinking when dealing with the society.
How do this two skills help when balancing your profession and dealing with

What do you use to ensure that
you have few or no mistakes?

What is your greatest success
when balancing work and the society?

What are you currently doing to
ensure that the people around you are up to date with the current and new

What role does technology and
engineering play in ensuring that the society is living a better life compared
to the old days?

What advice would you give
upcoming engineers in regards to balancing technical and social aspects?

these interview questions, I learned some things which I can use. Becoming an
engineer requires more than just going to school, it requires one to have both
critical thinking skills and analytical skills. These two skills play a major
role when balancing technical and social aspects of this profession. For
example, one has to think critically and analyze a project to understand how it
will affect the society. It is not right to design and construct a project
which will do more harm than benefit the society.

is clear that over the years, the engineering profession has evolved and there
has been more development. Since the inception of steam engines by the British,
new technology has been developed and this is done specifically to make life
easier for every human being. Engineers no longer focus on developing systems
to make money, they concentrate on making the lives of people easier. For
example, the production of automobiles has made transportation easy and quick.
In the old days, engineers concentrated on the development of military
technology such as the design of catapults and castles. Although even today
they still deal with the design of new war machines, more emphasis is on making
life easier.

a bid to ensure that there is a balance between work and the society,
professional responsibility in this field is important. An engineer’s
responsibility to the society is naturally brought by a good interaction with
the societal needs and the society. However, it is important to note that there
is little emphasis when it comes to teaching topics of professional
responsibility in classrooms. Topics such as communication, professional ethics
and environmental responsibilities are rarely taught in engineering classrooms,
yet these topics involve the interaction with other people such as clients and
fellow engineers.

is important for engineers to develop professional responsibilities.
Nonetheless, not many engineers are given a chance to contribute to the
development of the professional code of ethics. Consequently, it is more likely
that these professional codes of ethics remain static yet there is a rapid
change in technology and practices involved in engineering. It can be compared
to how attorneys regularly amend the professional code of ethics in the United
States. They check and change their professional code of ethics from time to
time since they explain how attorneys in the United States should relate with
clients, fellow attorneys, and the society.

is a difference between science and engineering. Engineering focuses on
designing and producing things needed by the society, and it involves the use
of scientific technology and knowledge. This process is however not perfect,
and it requires one to be creative when sharing the product with the public.
The engineering profession requires one to be good when designing and planning
a project since it should be matched with social demand. The success of an
engineering project can only be determined by society perceive and understand
the product. An engineering project is considered a success once it has changed
the lives of people in a positive manner.

the interview, one gets to understand that engineers do face numerous
challenges when dealing with other people including fellow engineers. It is a challenge
to balance both technical and social aspects of an engineering project, and it
requires time and experience to attain this balance successfully. The evolution
of technology is playing a major role in making it easy to deal with society
since more and more people now understand various aspects of technology.
Communication between people has been made easier through technology, and this
is helping the society understand engineering projects with few or now issues
during development. It is expected that with time communication will be more
efficient and there will be a good balance between social and technical aspects
of engineering.

Question 2

technology has numerous challenges. One of the challenges is lack of exposure
and experience. The level of exposure to technology varies, and in some cases
it is diverse. For example, when it comes to mobile phone technology there are
different operating systems used (Davis, 2016). If a company comes up with a
new mobile phone running on a different operating system, it might be difficult
to get access to this mobile phone and learn the new technology in it.
Sometimes, exposure and experience are based on the type of friends and family
a person has. If they have friends with little or no interest in mobile phone
technology, the chances are that they may never know about new mobile phone
technology and operating systems.

challenge can cost. One has to buy a device for them to understand the
technology used clearly. In the case of mobile phones, it is possible that a
person who wants to learn about mobile phone technology will have to buy more
than one mobile phone since they all use different technologies (Davis, 2016).
Another constraint is the aspect of completion between developers. Competition
has led to the rapid growth of technology and has resulted in the design and
development of many models. For example, a mobile company like Samsung has more
than one mobile phone model developed in one year. If one wants to understand
the technology used by Samsung, they will have to purchase more than one
devices. Culture and social exposure is another challenge that faces many
people willing to learn about new technology. If a person has more social
exposure, then they are more capable of learning about technology unlike people
with little or no exposure.

phones are empowering people, especially in developing countries. For example,
it is easier to get access to jobs since they can easily be called for work (Aker et al., 2011).
Additionally, people can easily tell how their families and friends are doing
while they are still far. Mobile phones have made communication easy especially
in emergency cases such as calling for an ambulance or the police.

have made it easy to socialize especially for teenagers. Mobile phones have
changed most aspects of social lives such as social networks and relationships,
and it helps them engage in intense social interactions (Campbell, 2005).
The mobile phone is no longer considered a technology tool but a social tool.

is expected that mobile phone technology will change in the coming years. Some
of the expected changes include the use of flexible designs and new form
factors. Other mobile phone manufacturers are working on the development of
mobile phones with e-ink which helps cellphones stay active for a longer period
giving users easy access to applications such as calendar events and text
notifications. Another aspect that is expected to change is battery capacity
for mobile phones. Low battery capacity is considered one of the most annoying
things in current mobile phones. The period a phone takes to charge fully is
also expected to change, and it is possible that the process of charging might
become automatic with time. It is also expected there will be faster wireless
networks with the use of LTE-A which is the advanced LTE. It is expected that
download speed will reach an average of 3Gbps and the upload speed will be
around 1.5Gbps. 

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