Question 1I definitely would use this method to conceive my child because there’s a lot of benefits that outweigh the disadvantages. If I can have a child that has all his/her genetic defects taken out, then I wouldn’t worry in terms of their health and their education since they will be more physically capable/intelligent to persevere in today’s society without any problems. But on the issues that arise from disadvantages in our society if we use this, could be, we could potentially have genetic “segregation” as seen in the movie, the people that were biologically built, rather than made by random variations, could have jobs that are solely given to them.

Question 3I think going beyond your genetic potential is possible, and I don’t agree with the statement “you can only be as good as your genes.” Just because you’re genetically built to be superior doesn’t take into the factor that there are many other things that can determine your successfulness in life. Environmental factors are one example at play. If you’re being brought down by competition from other genetically superior humans, then you could potentially not reach the successes you want to achieve.Question 4In my opinion, I think this would be the best thing to do. Plan for the expected rather than the unexpected. If there were flaws in your biological makeup, then you can take steps to prevent those mishaps in the future from happening (if you have a high chance of getting obesity, then take steps for a healthy lifestyle).

I would want to know my genetic information so that I know how long my life-span is so I can plan things ahead. If I knew I was going to die in 2020, then I would be doing things I enjoy instead of attending to academics. Same goes for my children; I would want to know what is in store for raising him/her.

Question 7Crime-solving based solely on genetics is very ignorant. Everything should be taken into consideration. Motive can’t be ingrained into genetics, just like happiness. So yes, it is unfair. Though it is still very important to take genetics as a factor.

Question 8Vincent symbolizes somebody that can overcome chance, by working very hard to achieve what he did.Everyone’s genetic code symbolizes prophecies ingrained into this rich biological lexicon.Anything is possible. Vincent’s ambition and tenacity to become a valid, to reach that level in society, and to partake in that space launch shows that if you can put your mind to something, it’s possible.

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