– Are societal buildings ( non biological worlds )– Form footing for categorization systems– Based on sensed similarities– Often hierarchal ( one valued over the other )– Specific topographic point in ranking is related to wealth. power and length of service in topographic point– Neither are based in biology/genetic differenceEthnicityCultural Groups-Groups within society that show alone cultural traits: linguistic communication.faith. culinary art.

etc.Panethnic Groups: Class or grouping of related cultural groups: Euro-Americans ;Latino American. Asiatic Americans. etc.What are minorities?– More or less wealth determines minorities. Groups who are singled out fordifferential intervention. They exert less power and have fewer resources.– They have worse life opportunities– Minorities include:oWomenoLGBTQoPeople with disablementsoRace/ethnic groupUS ETHNIC Grade– Euro- American Protestants– Euro-American Catholics.

Jews and many Asian-Americans– “Racialized” groups. including African-Americans. Hispanics. And some AsiaticAmericans.Bases of Hierachy– Economic– Political– Discrimination ( how the authorities treats you ) /Prejudice ( single daintiesyou )Measures of integrating– Integration ( abode. instruction.

exogamy )Income ( money you are doing and non old money ) . and wealth ( the value of yourassets minus the value of your debt )Broader Context– US has 5 % of the world’s population and 25 % of the world’s inmates– In the 198-s. US became more punitory ( Crime rates did NOT rise )– Why?oPolitical political orientation ( “tough on crime’ )oLegislative alterations ( three work stoppages. compulsory condemning guidelines.‘war on drugs’oPrivatization ( private industry is about net income ) of the prison industryFelon VOTING RIGHTS-Vary by provinceKentucky has the strictest.

Most punitory Torahs( requires the governor to reconstruct the right to vote on a instance by instance footing )Disenfranchising weakens democracyLow income and minorities disproportionately lose voting right.

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