This chapter discusses the methodological analysis. the informations assemblage techniques. and the range and boundary line of the survey. This will function as the usher to the advocates on how they will carry on the survey consistently in order to carry through the study’s aims.

Software Development and MethodologyThe Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) attack would be used to develop the system because of clip restraints in the development agenda. RAD is a additive consecutive package development procedure theoretical account that emphasized on highly short development rhythm utilizing a component-based building attack. If the demands are good understood and defined. and the undertaking range is restraint. the RAD procedure will enable a development squad to make a to the full functional system with in really short clip period.

RAD theoretical account has the undermentioned stages:Brainstorming. The advocates used brainstorming where they portion thoughts and their creativeness on how to near and developed this survey. Brainstorming focuses on measure instead than quality of thoughts. The premise is that the greater the figure of thoughts generated. the greater the opportunity of bring forthing a extremist and effectual solution.Brainstorming is a group creativeness technique designed to bring forth a big figure of thoughts for the solution of a job.

Since brainstorming focal points on measure alternatively of quality. unfavorable judgments of thoughts generated are put on clasp. By suspending judgement.

participants will experience free to bring forth unusual thoughts.In this stage. the research workers tried to raise as many thoughts as possible with the Parish Secretary for the readying of the starting demands of the system. Requirements Gathering and Analysis. The current method’s input and end product signifiers are gathered together with the procedures that transform these input signifiers into studies.

The advocates have been done through series of garnering informations and analysis and to boot. one of our schoolmate is functioning in Most Holy Rosary Parish. The collected information from interviews. observations and researched of the survey are carefully analyzed to construct a logical theoretical account for the new system.

To farther define and depict the new system procedure. the advocates used some tools like procedure mold. structures informations flow diagram to understand the differences of the current method and the proposed system to be developed in footings of functionality.Prototype System.

The first characteristics of the system were terminated due to the jobs encountered until the advocates reached the concluding system expeditiously. The demands gathered are transformed into a working paradigm which includes some of the concluding characteristics of the system. The advocates used to place all the necessary end products. interfaces processes. In add-on.

the advocates designed internal including the computing machine based and the manual characteristics to generates that the system will be dependable. accurate maintainable and secure.In this country. the advocates designed the solution based system on the demands defined during the analysis. The advocates besides designed the architectural constituents of the system. the databases. the user interface and its operating environment.

Object Creation. In this procedure. the advocates added some characteristics of the proposed system. Additionally. they added the history of the Church. Other lesser characteristics of the system are added into the paradigm. and are ready for user reappraisal. User Review.

The initial system was reviewed by the intended users and made suggestions. In this procedure a series of trial were done to place jobs and define mistakes or bugs and modify these bugs. These suggestions created new sets of demands. Depending on the grade of alterations to the demands.

the developers had to travel back to brainstorming activity or continue to making a new paradigm based on the new sets of demands.Finalize Code. The defined procedure involved in the new system transformed. The codifications are finalized after the users are to the full satisfied with the system. This activity includes certification. bettering the interface of the system.

and bettering the efficiency of the system in footings of executing clip and resource use.Deliver System. This is the concluding procedure where the system is put into production and runs existent minutess for the Most Holy Rosary Parish. The bringing of system involves developing users on how to put in and implement the system. This besides involves user policies that helps cut down security hazards during the execution of the system.

Figure 1 diagrammatically shows all the stages that were discussed.

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