Radiation is a very harmful thing. From microwaves to wifi to cell phones we have radiation around us in our every day lives. But have you ever wondered about if radiation can harm us or even plants. Microwave radiation can be very harmful if you stay in front of the microwave for long periods of time. With all these types of radiation you are exposed to emf (electromagnetic field) since most people never turn off there wifi routers when they go to sleep you are exposed to radiation almost all the time. This project is testing if wifi is not only harmful to us humans but also maybe to plants.

There were 5 plant planters put around places with radiation. An emf meter was used to measure the amount of radiation in each spot the plant was put in. The plants were put next to a wifi router, a TV, a microwave, next to an outlet where you charge phones And a plant in a normal location for planting.

A healthy way to grow plants is near a window and water it based on how constantly you need to water it. It must get lots of sun light and the right amount of water. Plants can be very sensitive to different things when it comes to their growth. According to an experiment done a couple years ago by a couple girls in Denmark that based on their project that plants will be effected. Three years ago, research in Holland showed that trees that were planted in a close area to a wireless router suffered from damaged bark and dying leaves. The Dutch scientists concluded their research on ash trees which had been suffering from bark bleeding and dying leaves. In the West of the country, ordered the study five years ago after officials found unexplained abnormalities on trees which they did not believe had been caused by any known viral infection. The trees were exposed to six sources of radiation with frequencies ranging from 2412 to 2472 MHz and a power of 100 MW at a distance of just 20 inches.

Trees placed closest to the Wi-Fi radio developed a ‘lead-like shine’ on their leaves that was caused by the dying of the upper and lower epidermis.

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